Top 10 Sick Day TV Shows To Binge On #NoSickDays

My proudest moment as a parent was when I sat down with my daughter, binge watched ‘The Flash’ together and she refused to stop.

“Mom, just one more episode!”

Even writing that brings a tear to my eye. She got it. She really got it. I knew that baby girl had a little of me in her.

When you find a good show or movie series, you just have to get through them ALL at once! That’s one of the GREATEST thing about technology today! We’re able to. WOOT!

We are all knee deep in cold and flu season and I know that you have a few days ahead of you of rest and relaxation. Let’s face it – we’re all bound to get sick. A day off? What? YOU? Yes… it’s going to happen. Here’s a quick tip to help you power through the worst of it all.

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If a cold actually does settle in, you’ll need some great TV to help you pass the time.

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Top 10 Sick Day TV Shows To Binge On


Sense8 (Netflix Original): I completely fell in love with this series and watched the entire season in two days.  It’s a little edgy – so be prepared for that – but the concept is wild. Imagine if people were connected to one another in a way that they can lean on each other for support in every way possible… even if they geographically no where near one another. This group of individuals share talents and one mind. So powerful! I love where this show takes the viewers! Can’t wait for next season!


Outlander (Starz): Ok, people. Read the books first. At least the first one! This is the only time I will say this — but it’s SO WORTH IT! The book was SO GOOD. I fell in LOVE with ALL the characters when I read the book and it made this series that much more outstanding for me.  And I mean honestly, who doesn’t love a handsome Scot in a kilt? Great love story laced with action and adventure. A plot that will keep you begging for the next episode.


Sleepy Hollow (FOX): I’m taking a chance telling you about this one, because it is my CURRENT binge. I haven’t finished it all the way through and I’m not 100% sure that I will love it, but it’s absolutely holding my attention so far! Imagine waking up 200+ years in the future linked to one of the 4 horsemen (Death) and destined to kill him … again. You can’t help but fall in love with the main character and his charm.

THE AFFAIR – Season 1 – Pictured (L-R): Dominic West as Noah and Ruth Wilson as Alison – Photo Credit: © 2014 Steven Lippman/Showtime. The series premieres Sunday, October 12 at 10:00 PM ET/PT.

The Affair (Showtime):  Every friend I have watches this show. So, it’s safe to say that you should be watching it as well. I have a runner’s club and it’s the first thing we all talk about as soon as we get together. Even the title is so scandalous!


Arrow (CW): So, this is my other current binge and I watch it alone because it’s a bit dark for the kids. I am sort of in love with Oliver – the main character. And by sort of… I mean, I would leave my current life to be with him if only he’d ask. This show feels like Robin Hood, if Robin Hood was damaged and trying to find himself again. It’s got the right amount of action and adventure mixed with scenes that make you want to just HUG this guy. Poor thing. He’s been through too much. Go get ’em! We are all rooting for you!


Empire (Fox): I flew to China earlier this year and needed to fill up my 17 hour flight. So, I bought the first season of Empire for the ride. I was DYING on the plane watching the entire show by myself with no one to talk to about what was happening. I was clapping and gasping and kicking the seat in front of me. I mean, physical reactions to each scene! AMAZING! Second season isn’t as good as the first – not going to lie. But it’s still SUCH a good ride. Must see.


Walking Dead (AMC): People are all like, “I don’t like zombies”. And I’m like… “THIS REALLY ISN’T ABOUT THE ZOMBIES!!! This is probably my favorite show on television at the moment. The show is about what happens to society when “you know what” hits the fan. How much of humanity will you lose if you have to spend your entire life protecting your family? How far will you go? How much of yourself will you try to keep? That’s the show. You follow a group of people who are struggling with that message. Do they remain as they were and potentially not survive? Or do they become what they have to become and live to die another day?  The struggle is real.


The Man in the High Castle (Amazon Prime): Imagine if the Nazi’s won the war… What would life be like? So powerful! This show is set in the 60s and isn’t that long of a series. Worth a watch.


Gotham (FOX) : I don’t binge this show. I actually DVR it. Either way, it’s a great ride. I love that we are watching Bruce Wayne as a child and the story really revolves around the other characters.  What a cast!! The bad guys are the best. That penguin….


Flash (CW): And I’m going to end how I started – with The Flash. It’s a great family show. We all watch it together. There are two HUGE seasons to enjoy and the story is truly riveting. It keeps you excited and on the edge of your seats. I am a huge superhero fan and this one had me at hello. I absolutely love Barry Allen!

Phew! What did you think of my TV Show binge list? How many of those do you watch already? I gave you a little sneak peek into my mind. We are like best friends now. 🙂

After you’ve had your fun and are ready to get back to your life. Be sure to pick up some DayQuil SEVERE. With DayQuil SEVERE, you can power through the day. Truth be told, I can’t check out at the first sign of a sneeze, so DayQuil SEVERE and NyQuil SEVERE help me to survive my on-the-go lifestyle. Let’s be honest, on my “sick day,” I’m running to an event or working on a new video. I can’t spend a full day in bed, so I need relief from my symptoms, whether it’s coughing or a fever, so I can power through.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t relax when I know I need to! If I feel like it’s time to slow it down I do. And that’s when this list comes in handy!!  What are your favorite sick day movies/tv shows?

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