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Eddie The Eagle And The Message It Taught Me #EddieTheEagle @EddieEagleMovie

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When I first heard about the movie “Eddie the Eagle” I thought it was a cartoon for the kids. But then I saw the trailer, bawled my eyes out, and realized that this movie was for the entire family. What an inspirational story! Before I go any further, I NEED you to see the trailer so you can understand what I’m talking about:

In life, we are all thrown curveballs. We all have to face struggles and it’s what we do in front of those walls that define us as a person. Do we give up? Or do we start banging them down one brick at a time?



For Eddie, he had physical limitations and although his heart was completely in it, his body couldn’t keep up. Growing up, he struggled to keep up with friends and sports activities… but he never stopped trying to reach his dream. He wanted to participate in the Olympics despite the fact that he showed no potential. Why would this be? Because Eddie had heart… and a strong support system. He had a mother who was loving and encouraging and who absolutely believed in her son.

If you have someone who believes in you, it truly goes a long way.

I think success is the result of a few things:

  • Hustle
  • Heart
  • Sheer Will
  • Support

And Eddie had all four. Now, I don’t know how this movie ends, although I am PRAYING that it ends in a positive way. But I can understand why Eddie did not give up on his Olympic dream although if you looked at him on paper, you wouldn’t understand why he would ever think he could win the gold.

I know what it’s like to have a support team. I’ve started things from nothing (aka – several blogs starting in 2005) and I wouldn’t have begun that journey if my husband wasn’t there providing me with the support and courage I needed to give them my all. We took big risks diving into an unknown world – but he believed that I could make a legitimate business out of … nothing and so he worked those extra hours so I could stay home and create this online space, and it paid off. In two years, he quit his job and we had a role reversal of some sorts! Support is everything. Support is the secret in the sauce.

I cannot wait to see Eddie the Eagle with my children because I KNOW there will be major takeaways for all of them. We are all underdogs – one way or the other. But as long as your dream is special enough to you and as long as your fight has passion, anything is possible. As a parent, I recognize that this is such an AMAZING lesson for my kids to hear on a Saturday afternoon!!!!!!! Eddie the Eagle is a double whammy — it’s a great movie AND it’s a lifelong encouragement.

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