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I’m Putting It Out There…

There comes a time when you have to make a choice.

Do I stop making excuses? Or do I push forward and see what I’m made of?

I decided that this year I would find myself. I would trust myself. I would see who I really am. So, what did I do? I put forth an impossible goal.


I want to run the Disney Half Marathon. 

Not today OBVIOUSLY. There’s one in November (on my birthday) and I think that I can take this year to get ready for it. I think that 10 months is a FAIR amount of time to give myself to get ready for it. I am starting at Z-E-R-O. I get winded when I walk to the treadmill and that is a FACT. But you have to understand something, the drive is there. The WANT is there and that is incredibly new.

I just joined a gym yesterday. Officially. I took two classes in a row and I knocked myself out but I felt so good while I was there and I was already thinking about how many more classes I could squeeze in this week. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

So, why Disney? Why would I want my first half marathon to take place through the most magical place on Earth? Why not?! If I am going to do it, I might as well have it be extra special! I might as well get dressed up as a superhero and really make it count.  Um… did you think I would do this without dressing up? PAH-LEASE!

One foot in front of the other.

One mile more than yesterday.

One goal at a time.

As of TODAY, I have 288 days left to train. I say that this is entirely doable. In fact, I am so completely invested in this entire wish that I am going to try to get my husband and my best friend to do it with me. I need my people by my side.

Let’s just say that it does happen. Let’s just say that I do take control of my health and my life and I overcome every voice in my head that’s telling me that I can’t do it… KNOW that I will have to be carried off the finish line because I’m going to be dry heaving and sobbing uncontrollably. Because I have lived an entire life of “I can’t” and 2016 has started a shift of consciousness for me.

I am strong.

It is possible.

And this is the year of me.

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