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School Is Closed Today: Digging Out Of 30 Inches Of Snow


We survived it! The second biggest storm in NYC / Long Island history. Is that right? I can’t keep up with the news anymore. I think we missed taking the gold by a half of an inch or something insane like that. But my goodness – 30 inches in 24 hours is something crazy no matter how you look at it.

It was so fun to watch it pour down on us while it was storming. Bill and I were a bit nervous about losing power because we ALWAYS do when it’s heavy and hard like that, but we DIDN’T! So, that made this one completely manageable.

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When it all settled, the kids had so much fun. It was soft and fluffy and absolutely everywhere. I still have to get a few more accessories for the kids. Caleb needs winter boots and gloves while Natalie needs some snow pants. I will order them TODAY to be sure we are ready for anything else winter sends along. But we were able to figure it out yesterday. 12541030_10153891351829520_4348234716589928668_n

Caleb ended up wearing a pair of Natalie’s old mittens from when she was younger. Thank goodness we don’t throw anything away!


I walked to the center of my lawn and as you can see the snow went well above my knees. I helped Bill shovel a bit – maybe 40 minutes or so – and then I called it a DAY. My back is in SO MUCH PAIN today because of it. I can’t imagine what he is feeling. He was out there FOR HOURS OH MY GOODNESS. But the boy won’t buy a snow blower. He just refuses and I don’t know why!

He likes to shovel. Go figure.

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