Just The Right Book: Amazing Reading Subscription Service!

I reviewed the ‘Just The Right Book’ subscription service this morning before heading out to the gym. I put on a little makeup. I was wearing gym clothes. To be honest with you, I didn’t give this concept much thought. I LITERALLY was squeezing this into my day before running out the door and making it to my class.

Just The RIght Book Subscription Service

Just The Right Book: Amazing Reading Subscription Service!

HOWEVER, as you will see in my video, I FELL HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH THIS CONCEPT. I mean… I just about hit the floor mid-way through the video. Just The Right Book is AMAZING. It’s personalized. The service isn’t about sending the same book out to the masses. OH NO! It’s customizable – they figure out who you are as a person and then send you books that cater to your likes and tastes.

In other words — they had me at hello!

I was DYING! I mean… I am OBSESSED with this subscription service. OBSESSED. It is genius! I love to read. I love to have the latest and greatest books at my disposal. But do I always have the time to research new titles or to get to the store and pick up new authors? No, not really.

How Does ‘Just The Right Book’ Work?

Personalized Service: Receive hand-picked books chosen by a literary expert based on your personal reading tastes and individual preferences. Fill out a preference form at checkout to tell us about yourself (or the reader, if this is a gift).

Personal Attention: Every reader who has a subscription to Just the Right Book gets personal attention from our trained book experts who review your reading profile to find just the right books for you. You can update and change your profile at any time to reflect your mood or interests. You can even request specific titles by email or phone.

It’s guaranteed. If you don’t agree that a book is just right for you, we will send you a postage-paid return label.

Just The Right Book Video Review – Just The Right Book Unboxing Video 

PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO. Get a taste and feel for what this service is really about. They obviously realized that I am fashion and style obsessed and went with that genre. Will you get the same sort of package? Maybe. Maybe not. It all depends on your personalized reading tastes.

What do you think about this subscription service for book lovers? Something you’d like to try out? For more information, click here.

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