Stitch Fix Unboxing: What Did I Get This Month?

I actually scored this month — there were three items I wanted to keep and it was hard for me to decided which ones stayed and which ones I eventually returned! Stitch Fix is a great way to push your fashion limits to the edge. When I go shopping, I typically buy the same type of clothes over and over again. Well, when my monthly Stitch Fix subscription box comes in the mail, I usually just try everything on – whether it’s my style or not. And guess what? I always end of surprising myself!!

Styles that I didn’t think would work on my body do! That’s the whole point.

Take a look at what I snagged this month and see what you think. Before you start your subscription, you take a personal quiz which helps each order get customized to your style preference. That’s another plus. If I feel like I have too many casual clothes, I just go online and say I want more work wear or nightlife styles etc. You choose!

Click here to check it out!


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