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It’s all about making a game plan for 2016, right? Well, I’ve already told you what I’m going to do differently this year and I’m sticking to it. But there’s one thing I left off my list of self care — better sleep!

I have a long list of things that I want to change. Let me sum up some of my top to-dos:

  • Unplugging from my job when I’m around the kids
  • Staying present in my life
  • Letting go of friendships that are only in place because of social media
  • No longer participating in online fires / fights (political, religious etc)
  • Cleaning out the physical clutter in my life
  • Taking back control of my inbox
  • Letting go of my self doubt when it comes to fitness
  • (want to read the full post, click here)

That’s a lot to handle right out of the gate. But I know that if I accomplish all of these things, I will be a better person inside and out. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t going to be easy. I’ve been married for 14+ years… that’s a lot of clutter that I have to deal with! But I just know that walking into a clean house will be good for my soul. I feel it in my bones!!

You know what else will be good for my bones? A full night’s rest. There are a few things I can do to help out with my zzzs.

Ways To Improve Your Sleep:

  • Block all incoming light – think black out shades or sleeping mask
  • Set a routine that your body can get used to
  • Lower the temperature in your home – cooler houses aide in a better night’s rest
  • Avoid all electronics at least an hour prior to bedtime.
  • End each night with a good book – not great movie.
  • Avoid caffeine after 1-2PM. I avoid it after noon but I am highly sensitive.
  • Try not to take naps throughout the day. I sometimes sneak one in if my baby is resting for a long stint, but it hurts me in the long run!

Still need some help? Whether it’s stress from a new job, a busy day, or just too much on your mind, ZzzQuil can help bring your A-game, by amping up your zzz-game. If you have a busy month ahead of you like me, be sure to have the tools you need in your back pocket to secure a great night’s rest. ZzzQuil is a non-habit forming sleep aid that’s not for pain, just for sleep. For me, sleep is essential – it makes me feel more productive and excited for the day. So you can imagine that moment, when I find myself wide awake at night, being the worst. On those occasional nights, I take ZzzQuil when I know I have enough time to get my normal amount of sleep. It helps me fall asleep easily, sleep soundly and wake refreshed.

I’m one of those people who has a mind that just doesn’t shut off – especially when I am on a roll. When I am wound up, over excited or overly stressed, I can’t wind down. I’m not manic, but sometimes it feels that way.

The New Year brings new priorities, and sleep is mine. I make sure to get my full night’s rest, and for those nights where I just cannot fall asleep, I make sure to have ZzzQuil on hand.


Do you want to learn more about ZzzQuil? Then join in on their Twitter party! Here’s all the details you’ll need:

When: January 5th at 8PM EST

Brand: @ZzzQuil

Hosts: @CentsibleLife @VeraSweeney

Hashtag: #Week1




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