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Daily VLOG: All Kidding Aside – I Actually Ran A Race

You see what I did there — I flat out lied in the title. There was no running. There wasn’t even brisk jogging. Ok, maybe I jogged in the beginning for like 20 seconds, but then I pulled a rib muscle. No kidding! Something started to hurt around my lung region and then I was out for the the count the entire run. But I didn’t stop!! And that’s what mattered. I continued to walk the rest of the race with my kids until I finished.

It took me well over 20 minutes to do 1.5 miles and I register that is completely horrific… but I was faster than everyone who was hanging out on the couch that morning! LOL! That’s what I told my daughter. We were faster than everyone who didn’t wake up and run that morning… err, walk.

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