Reduce The Chance Of Spreading Germs With The Sneeve @thesneeve

Have you heard of the Sneeve yet? What a smart product to have on hand as we enter the cold and flu season!! Think of the Sneeve as a landing pad for germs . When your child coughs or sneezes out into the world, there’s no telling where their virus will land. The CDC recommends that parents teach their kids to cough into their elbows to control / contain the spread of sickness. However… if you think about it… all that coughing into your shirt can be kind of gross.


That’s where the Sneeve comes to play. It’s treated with a kid-safe antimicrobial that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. It resembles a compression sleeve that ballplayers wear, and comes in a bright blue color.

We tested out the product and found the stretchy fabric made it easy for Natalie to wear and place over her shirt. Good news parents! It is extremely absorbent, but doesn’t easily leak through to clothing or bare skin. That’s right, the makers of the Sneeve realize that kids get colds all year long… not just in the winter. You can wear one on bare skin during the warmer months too!

 A box of 7 disposable Sneeves (most kids can wear just one for an entire day) is $9.99, with free shipping for purchases of two boxes or more.

If everyone took the time to NOT spread their germs, we would all have a better year. It starts with you and your family.

For more information about the Sneeve, click here.

*company sent sample for review

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