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Netflix And Chill: Binge Watching Flash And Arrow And There Aren’t Enough Hours In The Day


Over the weekend, my daughter and I decided to start watching ‘Flash’ on Netflix. I heard some good things about it and I figured it would be age appropriate based on those comments. So, we got under the covers of my bed at around 5PM and didn’t come up for air until well after 11:30. Why? Because we got suckered into the binge watching hysteria that is Netflix.


But here is the thing. While watching Flash, you meet Arrow… and well, that’s a whole different bird that you JUST HAVE TO KNOW.

Oh by the way… I want to marry Oliver Queen. Sorry Bill. I have a thing for damaged, hot, dangerous but super compassionate souls. Did I mention he was hot?

The kids are NOT watching Arrow because I’ve been told it’s MUCH darker than Flash but I HAD to get these two shows on your radar in case you are someone who loves superheroes and is currently in the market for a new show.

After just a few episodes – (actually it didn’t even take that long) – you become completely invested in the entire cast of both shows. Arrow and Flash are both MUST WATCH SHOWS.

If you want to get your kids involved – stick to just the Flash.

AND BY THE WAY — the moment my daughter screamed to me, “MOM JUST ONE MORE SHOW!!!” I almost cried. 🙂 She gets it! She really gets the Netflix and Chill concept. I’ve done good as a parent…

What shows are you currently binging on??? Always willing to add to my list!!

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