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    The Keurig® KOLD™ Drinkmaker Revolution Is Here

    Keurig Kold

    You love your Keurig coffeemaker. We all do. 20 years ago, it changed the way the world makes coffee. Perfect portions, less waste, more convenience, and massive variety. How could you not fall in love with that??

    Well, guess what…a new Keurig revolution is here once again! Love your soda and cold beverages but don’t always think it’s as fresh as from a restaurant fountain? Hate opening a 2 liter bottle just for one small glass? Well, the new Keurig® KOLD™ drinkmaker is about to change the way you enjoy COLD beverages in the same amazing way it did hot. Perfect portions, less waste, more convenience, tons of variety…and super fresh soda and cold beverages. All on your kitchen counter!!

    Keurig Kold

    The system makes a diverse selection of perfectly portioned eight-ounce beverages with 26 varieties and 14 brands, including some of your favorites…even cocktail mixers:

    From The Coca-Cola Company:  Coca-Cola®, Diet Coke®, Coke Zero®, Sprite®, Fanta®

    From the Dr Pepper Snapple Group:  Dr Pepper®, Canada Dry®

    Keurig Kold

    Additional brands:

    • Seraphine®: Zero-calorie seltzers in Mediterranean fruit flavors like Passion Fruit and Persian Lime
    • FLYTE®: Thirst-quenching sports hydration drinks, including Lemon Lime Launch, Red Rush and zero-calorie Overtime Orange, that hydrate more effectively than water
    • Waterful®: Zero-calorie, lightly flavored and sweetened waters in flavors like Blissful Berry and Citrus Celebration
    • Red Barn Craft Soda®: Naturally flavored craft soda made with pure cane sugar. Available varieties include Cane Cola, Root Beer and Zesty Lemon Lime
    • Flynn’s Soda Shop®: Soda fountain classics like Orange Cream, Diet Orange Cream, Root Beer, Diet Root Beer and Vanilla Cream that taste as good as dessert
    • Tierney’s Iced Tea®: Range of still, sparkling and diet iced teas. Available varieties include Diet Peach, Lemon Mint and Passion Fruit Raspberry
    • Rita’s & Tina’s™ and Union St. Lounge™ cocktail mixers

    Excited yet??? Check out this video and prepare to have your mind blown…

    What do you think? I’ll tell you, the soda is awesome. The kids and I absolutely loved it. All the different types, perfect 8 oz. serving, and fresh-tasting fountain-style drinks, just like you know and love. It’s pretty impressive, and just the right temperature, too, right around 39 degrees Fahrenheit. You make the soda and seltzer-perfectly carbonated without the hassle of needing a CO2 canister.

    Keurig Kold

    The Keurig® KOLD™ drinkmaker ($369.99), available in white and black, as well as KOLD™ pods ($4.49 – $4.99) and accessories, are now available on and other select retailers. Trust me, this is bound to change the way you do cold drinks. Your kitchen will never be the same. ;o)

    ***FOR A LIMITED TIME: ORDER NOW and get the KOLD for only $199.99!!!!!***

    To find out more about the Keurig Kold, check out:

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