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    WiFi Speed, Safety, And Security For Your Family With Luma #SurroundWiFi

    Luma Living Room

    Luma is an intelligent WiFi system that offers speed, safety, and security for you and your family. But before I get into ALL OF THAT, I want to tell you the one perk that I heard about that just SOLD ME on the system.

    Picture it, your entire family is getting ready to sit down for dinner. Your oldest son is gaming on his iPad. Your daughter is texting her friends and your baby is watching YouTubeKids on repeat. Sounds familiar, right? All you want to do is have an actual conversation! Well, with Luma, you can turn the Internet off in your house with one click. Boom. Done. No connectivity.

    Now, let’s break bread in peace.

    DON’T YOU LOVE THAT?!! I mean, I almost fell off my chair when I heard that parents will gain that sort of control. Ok – sorry, I had to get that out there right off the bat. So important! Now, let’s talk details and logistics!

    Luma Logo

    Have you heard of Luma yet? After this post, you will be sharing this info with your friends and family because it truly is a game changer. Luma knows that the Internet is 100% integrated into our lives. Our children are more connected than any other generation prior to them (naturally). But with all that freedom and reach, comes a need for checks and balances. Luma allows you to better protect yourself and better control all of those devices floating around your home… with EASE.

    Here’s how Luma makes it all happen:

    Speed is great. You know and I know a slow internet connection can feel like some form of horrific Medieval torture! Luma’s “Surround WiFi” technology creates a wireless network with multiple access points to speed up your internet and put an end to dead zones.

    • Luma adapts to each home network to offer the best wireless experience
    • Luma can respond to various sources of wireless interference to make sure you have a smooth connection throughout your home
    • With Luma, multiple devices act in concert to blanket your home with fast, reliable WiFi


    One of any parent’s concern’s today is trying to ensure safety for our kids when they are on the internet. It’s so important and becoming more and more so. With Luma, you can control and customize which devices and users can access your network and monitor usage through a user-friendly app.

    • You can see what each user is up to in real time. 
    • Luma allows parents to limit access to websites based on a simple, easy-to-use rating system
    • Parents can allow or block specific websites on a per child basis and also pause their children’s internet access and view their internet activity
    • Parental controls can be set per user, so your child is protected regardless of the device they are using
    • Adults in the home may be excluded from parental monitoring

    Finally, Security. With so much personal information floating around online, this is so crucial. Luma brings network-wide security to home WiFi. It automatically identifies security issues and helps you fix them.

    • Luma sends alerts on unknown devices that attempt to join your network and can be configured to block them
    • Luma can identify if there are resources on your network with weak passwords and can alert you if it detects that a computer is infected with malicious software
    • Luma improves the security of your smart devices by limiting the set of internet systems to which they can connect
    • Luma’s enterprise grade security protects every device in your home, from your smart fridge to your television

    Yes, you get all of this from one small device!! Security, speed and safety.

    Check out the video for more info!

    Luma is so much more than a router or wireless extender. In fact, Luma has very little in common with today’s extenders. Instead, it brings to the home WiFi technology that was previously available only to large companies. But what really sets Luma apart is its powerful safety and security features.

    And anyone can use Luma. It FEELS very corporate because it offers that kind of security, but it’s made for the everyday household. If you want a modern WiFi network that offers speed, safety, and security… here you go!


    You may  be worried that something like this costs a fortune, as so much high end, new tech does. Well, Luma is very different. To top it off, in celebration of their recent launch, a single Luma can be pre-ordered for only $99 or three can be pre-ordered for only $249 all through November!!!!

    That’s a steal and a no-brainer.  After the preorder campaign, a single Luma will cost $199 and a pack of three will cost $499. That’s a deal, too, but why wait? Get all the benefits for about half the price!

    Luma may be pre-ordered using any major credit card or with PayPal and will be available in white, silver, gold, and orange. Luma will ship in Spring 2016. Each Luma comes with a limited one-year warranty.

    To find out more about Luma, please check out:


    *This is a sponsored post.

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