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    LG’s New TWIN Wash With SideKick Pedestal Washer Presents: Divide & Conquer on NYC’s Broadway

    LG TWIN and Sidekick

    LG Electronics invited me into the city to celebrate the upcoming launch of its new TWIN Wash laundry pair with SideKick pedestal washer at a Broadway-inspired event called ‘Divide and Conquer’ in the heart of New York’s Theater District! It was such a great idea and wonderful concept that I had to come…with my kids in tow. The fun performances were choreographed by top Broadway choreographer Joshua Bergasse and featured some amazing, larger-than-life puppets, professional dancers and acrobats. It was truly fun for the whole family.


    Wish you were there to see it? Have no fear… ‘Divide and Conquer’:

    While there, we were able to experience the benefits of the new LG TWIN Wash first-hand and learn more about its capabilities in a specially designed “onstage” area. In short, LG’s innovative TWIN Wash is all about efficiency, helping you clean more clothes in less time. By using the front-loading washer up top, consumers can handle big loads while the smaller LG SideKick unit below simultaneously washes a second load. Yep, you read that correctly…2 loads at one time! Holla!! My prayers have been answered!!

    image5 (9)

    The LG event was one amazing part of a fabulous day I spent in NYC with Natalie and Liam. Here’s some more from the LG event plus more in our fun-filled daily VLOG:

    I have even more pics from the day!!! It was so much fun spending time with my older ones in the city. Poor Caleb was on the way but had a massive coughing fit so Bill went back with him and took him to the doctor. All was well and they were missed.

    LG TWIN and Sidekick LG TWIN and Sidekick LG TWIN and Sidekick image7 (6) LG TWIN and Sidekickimage9

    To find out more about all of LG’s TWIN and Sidekick, plus all their other products, check out:

    Bill is a guy trying to be dad and husband while running an online media company at home with his wife. Piece of cake.