Winter Chic Beauty With Lancome Paris


A few days ago, I was telling my friend that I needed a new rich red lipstick. I was in the market! I somehow lost mine while traveling all around the States and have been stuck with neutrals and mauves. I’m not complaining about those colors, but sometimes you want to make a statement when you walk outside… if you know what I mean.


Lancome Paris sent over a few goodies for me to check out – everything from eyebrow pencils to the latest and greatest mascaras and I was just blown away by the rich colors and deep hues. And guess what??? I found my RED! Two of them actually! IMG_7830

The one on the left is number 195 and the one on the right is number 388. Snag these two up, ladies!


Another huge win was Audacity, a multi-colored eyeshadow palette that combines both shimmer and matte colors to help create the perfect look. 16 beautiful shades in 4 finishes. The reason why I love this palette is because you can work both day and night out of this bad boy which means I only need to bring one piece with me when I travel. IN MY HAPPY PLACE. Meets all my needs.

I did an unboxing video but trying to transfer it to YouTube resulted in poor video quality. Forgive me for that but you can still hear about everything that I unboxed. Have to figure out what I did wrong here! Be sure to follow @AudreyandVera for more unboxing fun!

Are you a beauty fan? What do you think about my top picks?

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