Weigh Yourself By What You Are Most Proud Of #WeighThis @LeanCuisine

Weigh Yourself By What You Are Most Proud Of

Earlier this year, Lean Cuisine kicked off the #WeighThis campaign, which encouraged women to ‘weigh’ themselves on what they were most proud of instead of their physical appearance. I was asked to come up with my story – what I was most proud of about myself. And can I be honest with you? I looked at my computer screen for a very long time before coming up with my answer. I couldn’t give myself a pat on the back. I couldn’t congratulate any of my accomplishments. It was really hard for me to appreciate any efforts I’ve made in the past.

Realizing that was a true lesson.

But I had to give my answer. I had to come up with something and it really forced me to look within. So, I started to type and this is what I submitted:

Being a work-at-home mother can sometimes be looked down upon. I think most people assume I waste my hours away on soap operas and girlfriend luncheons. What they don’t see are the countless hours I put into building my business and the blurred lines between my personal and professional space. I give my entire self to my brand and my family. There’s no shutting it off. It’s 100% every waking hour of my day. If I’m not on a conference call, then I’m creating content and if I’m not doing that then I ‘m working with my children on their homework. A work-at-home mother never clocks out – not even for a bathroom break because the kids are coming along for those as well! But I wouldn’t change my life for anything in the world. I love being with my children all day long and I also love drowning in deadlines. I thrive on the pulse of entrepreneurism.

After I wrote my answer and sent it in, I took a step back and exhaled. I did this. I do this on a regular basis and I AM proud of myself for being a successful entrepreneur and mother and wife.  I’m also proud of myself for loving every single thing that I do and for embracing life to the fullest.



Yesterday, I headed to Grand Central Station to check out the Lean Cuisine #WeighThis Installation that is on display. When I walked in, I was surprised at how emotional I became. The wall featured a handful of submissions from women all around the world. It showcased all the things that they were most proud of. And I couldn’t help but feel that perhaps this might have been the first time they allowed themselves to be proud of themselves as well.

This is definitely something I am going to work on by the way.


Lean Cuisine asked me to be a part of their video and I had to talk about my experience. Of course I cried because what would a moment of me on camera be without me falling apart? What is WRONG WITH ME? UGH.



When it was all said and done Audrey McClelland and I put our mark on the #WeighThis installation. Together. It meant a lot to do that with my best friend and business partner.

Share Your #WeighThis Answer on Social Media!

Write how you’d like to be weighed and tag it with #WeighThis. Want to read what other people are saying? Be sure to search the hashtag. I just love this campaign. The number on the scale does not define us!
*I’ve teamed up with Lean Cuisine to help spread the word about their #WeighThis campaign

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