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I’m Interviewing Rachel Zoe Today And I’m Not Sure If I Can Process It

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There are certain celebrities that people dream of interviewing. When asked, my response has always been Rachel Zoe. I’ve actually missed three different opportunities over the last few years due to bad timing. Almost had her in my grasp, but life got in the way.

Bed rest.


You name it.

I was always SO CLOSE. But it never got me too down because I knew that one day I would be face to face with the style icon. This interview would happen because I needed it to happen. Thanks to Tide and Downy, I am just a few hours away.

She is the ultimate hustler.

Sure, people love Rachel because of her sense of style and her client list, but I love her back story. She’s just a girl from Jersey with a love of clothes and a sense of hustle. Rachel didn’t know anyone and she wasn’t born into the “right” family that would help her get ahead in the industry. She did it the old fashioned way — by blood, sweat and tears.

One client at a time. One risk at a time. One triumph at a time. It was a slow uphill climb, but she did it and now that woman is flying high. I LOVE HER STORY!

I just want to shake her hand (and hug her and post a photo on insta — click here, I probably did it already).

Here’s to hoping she likes my outfit. 🙂

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