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My Children Were Photographed By Bill Cunningham For The NY Times Sunday Style Section

And yes, I am going to frame it.

Just in case you don’t follow NY Times Fashion, Bill Cunningham photographs celebrities and has been doing so since the beginning of time. He’s the guy. You know, THE GUY. The one that everyone in the industry knows about. The one who just by walking in a room can make everyone immediately sit up straight and strike a pose.

Don’t blink. Must. Keep. This. Smile. A. Bit. Longer.


Bill Cunningham NY Times Sunday Style

While my children were front row and center for the Ralph Lauren Children’s Fashion Show in Central Park last month, he photographed them. BUT I dismissed it because… come on. What were the odds that he would actually use it?

He used it! He. Used. It. I can’t believe it. My daughter – at ten years old – made the NY Times Fashion Section. People DREAM of doing this all their lives. She has no idea what is going on. It means absolutely nothing to her of course. Me – on the other hand – I’m framing this puppy!!!

Bill Cunningham NY Times Sunday Style

Liam is there too. I’m sorry that I’m just harping on Natalie but I am sure in a few years she will be more impressed with this than him. When they are both in High School, I picture Liam worrying more about fantasy football drafts than making this paper.

And not to brag, but my mouth made the paper… sort of. I almost made it. ALMOST!

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