A Back To School Organizational Tip Using Google Calendar

Back To School Tip Google Calendar

In an attempt to get better organized this “Back to School” season, I’m getting crafty. And when I say crafty, I don’t mean Pinterest crafty… I mean smarter, creative, and innovative. And when I say all of those words, what I really mean is – I did something cool on Google Calendar.

Ok – so, I live and die off of my Google Calendar. Everything I do (every call, meeting, doctor’s appointment etc) is marked down online. I can access it on my phone or my computer and my husband also has editing / viewing permissions. We share a calendar. We are all synched up. In fact, we don’t even talk to one another. We just communicate via Google. It’s what keeps our marriage functioning.

Well, this year, in an attempt to REALLY stay on top of my kids’ LIVES, I started a NEW calendar just for THEM. I also gave them their own color.

So, what does this mean:

  • Blue represents all of my to-do’s
  • Pink represents all of their to-do’s

At a glance, I can see what tests are coming up this week and what after school activities are scheduled for each day. They don’t blend in with my junk. Vocabulary test on Thursday – BOOM. Got it! It’s a great way to make it STAND OUT. I need it to stand out. I need to stay on top of their lives. With three kids in school, I’m not sure everything is going to happen. Truly!

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 11.53.31 AM

How do you do this?

Simple. On the left part of your screen, click on the arrow next to “My Calendar” and Create a New Calendar. When you type in the new name, you will be able to assign your new color. The items will show up automatically as long as you assign it to that calendar.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 11.55.21 AM

How do I assign an item to my new calendar?

I’m glad you asked! As you click on the home screen, a pop up will appear where you jot down the details of your event. A drop down exists that is defaulted to your primary calendar. Simply change it there to your second calendar!!

BOOM! Done! Sha-ZAM.

What are some tips you use to stay on top of LIFE during school??

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