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    Tea Collection For Back To School Fun #TeaAdventurer

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    If you are looking for unique styles that your children can still be children in while wearing, you need to shop Plain and simple. My daughter has been wearing dresses and tunics from this brand since the day I found out about the line. And yes, I happen to own a few pieces of my own as well!! 🙂

    Tea Collection Back to School Clothes






    Let’s talk a little bit about what my daughter Natalie is wearing.

    Take a look at the description for her shirt –>

    The Kullawada is an Aymara folk dance from Bolivia. It is meant to represent the importance of weaving and textiles in their culture, and dancers dress in colorful, elaborately decorated costumes and traditionally dance among alpaca and sheep wool weavers.

    I mean, doesn’t that make you want to get up and dance right alongside with her?! I just LOVE IT!! Makes me want to travel and you KNOW I have that nomad gene already. 🙂

    She wasn’t the only one who scored a fab Back to School outfit from Tea Collection. Liam scored one as well.

    Tea Collection Back to School Clothes

    Let’s break down his outfit as well:

    Tea Collection Back to School Clothes

    Yes, my boy loves comic book heroes and cartoon figures all over his clothes. I’m not going to lie. He plasters sports teams logos everywhere he can. But sometimes you have to go somewhere that requires your kids to be logo free! Or maybe… mom just wants it that way. 🙂  I love the boy options at Tea too! It’s not just a great line for girls.

    Fun stripes with a casual feel – my boy was still able to harass his sister to the best of his ability – so you know he was one happy camper. HA!

    Tea Collection Back to School Clothes

    Tea Collection Back to School Clothes

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    About #TeaAdventurer and Tea’s “This Year I Will” Campaign:

    The Tea Collection believes every day is an adventure. Ask your little citizens about their plans for new adventures this school year (and beyond!) and use ‪#‎TEAADVENTURER to share your picture on Instagram or directly upload your photos here:

    Tea Collection Back to School Clothes Tea Collection Back to School Clothes
    Tea Collection Back to School Clothes* company sent gift card for review


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