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It’s All About Community, Learning And Accepting Change

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So, yesterday I wrote a post about the Sam and Nia controversy and how it’s affecting all Christians. A friend of mine quietly emailed me and told me that a portion of my post was doing exactly what I was begging everyone else to not do:

Lump summing people in a group.

There was a section in that piece where I started sentences with words like:

  • All Christians…
  • A true Christians …

And honestly, it was totally hypocritical. I mean, I was asking the Internet to NOT DO THAT and yet there I was publishing and pushing the same message.

As my friend first approached me, I stood strong on my ground. The truth is, I do sort of believe what I wrote. But I also believe her side as well. I can see two sides to this coin. We are – after all – human. We do – after all – fall. It’s how we raise ourselves up again that matters most. The more we chatted, the more I softened. I had her beliefs. Of course I did. We come from the same church. I was just SO ANGRY about everything that has been happening to the Christian Community as of late that I wrote the harshest words to make the strongest point. 

And so, I learned a lesson. Yes, even at almost 40 you can do that.

It’s good to have a community that will challenge you to look deep into yourself.

It’s good to have friends that are up for a friendly debate.

It’s smart to remain flexible and open.

And it’s always best to correct yourself when you are wrong.

I suppose this post is an apology to anyone that I offended yesterday. I corrected the section in yesterday’s post to be more reflective on the actual state of affairs. And I hope that my message still rings true for anyone that reads it.

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