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A Note On Ashley Madison And That Christian Vlogger Family

Sam And Nia. Sam and Nia. Oh Sam and Nia…

They represent everything that is wrong with society. And I’m a Christian… an actively practicing one at that! My family has a true belief in the faith and we love and serve God and are all HONORED and BLESSED to do so.

Let me just say that.

This is not a Christian bashing post. There’s enough of that going around all over the country without me having to stir the pot. Stones hitting my windows on a daily basis. I don’t write about my faith on my blog very often because this isn’t that kind of blog. My blog is more lifestyle / comedy / brain dump and shoes… lots and lots of shoes.

My faith is for me and me alone.

But Sam and Nia are making me step up and out of myself and have to write this post because they are doing something to Christians. People cannot wait to lump sum groups. They cannot WAIT for people to fail and fall and tumble all over themselves … and then take everyone else like them down alongside with them.

Let’s talk about the FACTS. And YES, I’m saying FACTS because that’s what they are.

  1. Sam wanted to quit his job and YouTube on a regular basis.
  2. Sam decided to make a viral video faking his wife’s pregnancy.
  3. A day later, they decided that they didn’t want to continue the lie and they said they miscarried so they wouldn’t have to keep up with the story.
  4. People went ape sh**. Numbers didn’t add up. Emotions were forced. Doctors were never called. 6 weeks to 12 weeks to 6 weeks again… Confusion.
  5. Sam’s name is announced on Ashley Madison’s leaked client list.
  6. The world explodes.

Ok, not the world. The little Internet world. The YouTube world – how about that? Why? Because everyone is waiting for a Christian to mess up especially after the Duggar scandal.

Thanks Sam! WTF!

Dear Universe,

Sam does not represent all Christians just like I don’t represent all women or mothers or people from Queens. These blanket statements that are being said are hurtful. You are trying to prove a point about SAM and the Duggars but your rocks are hitting EVERYONE. Unless… you know that???

But why would you intentionally try to hurt everyone in a group? Oh – because people in that group have made blanket group statements about categories you fit into? So… a wrong fixes a wrong? You are doing the same exact thing that you admit hurts YOU.

No one is perfect. But I don’t judge the way that other Christian has judged you. Sam may hold a Christian card, but he is not someone who holds Jesus’ values to heart.

A true Christian would NEVER fake a pregnancy to their CHILDREN in order to make some money. A true Christian would NEVER put ads on a miscarriage announcement where he is getting paid per view. I mean – can you feel how disgusting that is? He made money off of this scandal.


The church isn’t a cleansing wipe. Although that’s how these people are using it as of late.

My wife forgave me. My priest prayed on me. My church forgave me. I’m good with it.

Well, la di da.

Have your feelings towards an individual. Whether it’s towards Sam or that Duggar boy, but don’t let it blanket the rest of a nation of believers.

And I’m no hypocrite. I walk my walk and I talk my talk. I don’t blanket judge anybody. I was born and raised in NYC – lived in Queens the most diverse place in the entire WORLD. There are more cultures and customs in that one county than there are anywhere else on the PLANET. Look it up – it’s true. I have no hate for anyone. Heck, I think I’ve dated every flag in the Olympics. #hussy I’m a First Generation American and I know what it means to have a culture or belief you are proud of. I also know what it feels like to be told hurtful things about them  – like how my immigrant family should go back to where they came from. This isn’t new. It’s just a different song.

Hold onto your family, your heritage, your culture, your beliefs… and don’t judge anyone else for theirs. These social media posts have thorns. I’m specifically talking about the Internet’s reaction to Sam and Nia – but you can replace this with any relevant news story as of late.

All cops.

All black people.

All Republicans.

All (insert news story here)

Look at each person as a unit. And better yet – look at yourself before you judge someone else.

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