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    Child Style

    DooHickies Replace Shoe Laces For Kids… And You’re Welcome


    Do your kids hate to tie shoes? Do they love the sneaker look but don’t know how to master the bunny ear tie just yet? I have the perfect solution! DooHickies turn sneakers into slip-ons. Kids love them because they can customize their shoes with awesome colors and parents love them because we no longer have to retie and retie and retie laces when we are running for the school bus!

    DOOHICKIES® is a one size fits all no-tie shoelace replacement designed for kids aged 5 to 12.

    How Does It Work?

    Simply thread the DooHickies through the eyelets of any shoe and snap them close to secure them in place. Each pack of DOOHICKIES comes with 10 pieces, enough for a standard pair of sneakers.



    So grab your favorite sneakers and have a little fun with color! Mix and match and then be on your way!

    For more information about DooHickies, click here.

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