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Daily Diary: Patiently Waiting…

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Yesterday, I called my endocrinologist to see if my thyroid sonogram’s results had made their way to her office and the secretary told me that they had JUST arrived. She took down my number and said that the doctor would call me right back. Two hours later, I called the office to see what was taking so long… only to find out that the office was CLOSED. WHAT? I was so upset. I know they the results are in, but I don’t have them yet. SO, this morning I am waiting for the office to open so I can call back and get her on the phone to ask – once again – to hear a negative result.

Trying to stay positive right?

I’ve been super moody the last few days. I’m not overly concerned. I AM a “glass is half full” kind of girl and EVEN IF THIS IS THE WORST CASE SCENARIO… it’s an easy fix. But still, I would like to know one way or the other.

All I do is look at my throat BECAUSE despite being a positive person, I am a hypochondriac. Like in the worst way. You see a cold and I see the flu… but a flu that will go away quickly. Does that make sense?

I think they open at 9. UGH.

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