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    Heading To Painting With A Twist Today With Vitabath!

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    Have you ever taken one of those classes where you paint and drink with friends? I’ve ALWAYS WANTED TO!!!! I mean – this is like a dream come true for me because it’s been on my bucket list for AGES. Painting with a Twist is partnering with Vitabath to celebrate “Relaxation Day” on August 15 and they invited Audrey McClelland and I out for a class to celebrate friendship and creativity.

     “A little bit of paint, a little bit of wine and a whole lot of fun”

    YESSSSS!!! I’m all in!! Painting with a Twist is a great way to relax with your friends. It is a fun and stress free atmosphere and you know that’s exactly what I need after Getting Gorgeous and all the other events I attended last week. I’ll be videoing the entire experience and Periscoping LIVE, so be sure to tune in between 7PM -10PM EST!

    What’s the Deal?
    Painting with a Twist provides you with paint, a canvas, brushes and an apron so you can concentrate on fun and good times. Just show up with your friends and sip your favorite beverage(s). Amazing!! They put the ART in pARTy!!

    What could be better than that? An amazing pair maybe? It makes complete sense that Vitabath is teaming up with Painting with a Twist for Relaxation Day.  They offer luxury in a bottle — bliss at your fingertips. Just thinking about a bubble bath makes me smile. Don’t you agree?!

    In case you were wondering, it’s called VITAbath because of all the wonderful VITAmins packed into each and every one of their products. It’s all about affordable products made with quality ingredients mixed with a REALLY wide variety of heavenly fragrances (25 different scents!)

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    What’s New?
    The newest Vitabath product comes from their Classic Collection… Orchid Intrigue. It’s a really sophisticated, alluring scent I just know you are going to love it.

    What If I Can’t Make It?

    Stay tuned for some LIVE action!! That’s right, people, remember I’ll be videoing the entire experience and Periscoping LIVE, so be sure to tune in between 7PM -10PM EST and look out for my recap post in a few days!!

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    *I’ve teamed up with Painting with a Twist and Vitabath to help promote National Relaxation Day. All opinions and good times are my own.

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