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The ‘Travel Like An Expert’ List Everyone Must Read

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Faultless/Bon Ami Company    for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

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I am a professional traveler. Yes. I said it. I’m owning it because it’s true. I fly all around this country like it’s my job. Oh wait… it IS my job as a travel writer. 🙂  Whether I’m hitting the road with my clan by my side or if I’m taking flight all by myself, I know what tools I need to bring along for the ride. 

There’s the GIVEN – the OBVIOUS – the TOP TEN. Sure, everyone knows those tips! But I’m going to tell you about a few other secrets to help your next trip be a breeze! 


I love clothes. I love to shop. I love all different types of fabrics and YES that means that I have to deal with wrinkles when I unpack. It’s inevitable. 

Faultless Premium is the perfect solution to help rid yourself of the “Wrinkle Blues.” The last thing you want is to try to put on the PERFECT dress with an imperfect crease. 

Faultless Premium is the “starch that performs” and will help reduce your ironing time. BLISS! I mean – who wants to waste their vacation dealing with wrinkles (on your face or your clothes!). 

Here are some more benefits:

  • No flake, stick or clog guarantee
  • Helps make clothes look like new
  • Helps clothes look, wear, and feel better
  • Fresh, clean cotton scent

The travel size can is the perfect size to pop in your carry on. Whether it’s a business trip or a romantic weekend for two, look crisp / sharp / and completely on trend with the help of Faultless.


Looking for some other traveler’s tips! Great!! I have a few more:

  • Carry breath tonic with you during long hauls. When I fly coast to coast, I love to give myself a little spritz mid-flight and after my meal. It makes me feel like I freshened up without having to leave my seat and bother my aisle-mate. 
  • Dry shampoo – I mean, I live and die for dry shampoo. If you’ve ever read my blog in the past, you KNOW what I mean. This product will help make a blow out last a day or two longer. Get your moneys worth!! 
  • Essential Oils – I love carrying a scent or two with me when I am away from home. I combine it with whatever lotion is available at the hotel and it instantly brings the bland scent to LIFE. Personally, I love lavender and use it at night to help relax. A small dab goes a long way! 
  • Roll on perfume – Oil perfumes are the answer to everything. You dab what you need around your wrists, the back of your ears and the base of your neck and call it a day! Perfect to keep in your purse. I actually keep one in my makeup bag year ROUND. 


And great news for those individuals who are not heading anywhere this summer — there are full sized products of Faultless Premium available as well! Faultless Premium can be purchased in the laundry aisle of major retailers.

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