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Samsung Showcases 2015 Home Appliances In The Hamptons- Part 2 @Samsungtweets #herestohome

Samsung’s newest offerings for 2015 are all innovative and really simply beautiful. Here are a few of my favorite appliances that I’m adding to my apartment wishlist.

1) Samsung Dual Door Range With Flex Duo Technology


If you’re into options, this is the oven for you. Imagine being able to bake cookies and potatoes at once, then switch things up to accommodate a massive Thanksgiving turkey. This oven has a ceramic removable divider so you can get the most use out of your oven. You can open just the top section or, with the push of a button, open the entire door.

2) Samsung Activewash Top Load Washer

washer both

I am obsessed with this washing machine. I’ve never seen another washer like this. This is perfect for city apartments because it includes a built-in sink at the top of the washer to pre-treat your stains. No-one in the city has a separate sink to scrub stains before washing the clothes. This washer comes with it attached. After you pre-treat your clothes, just tip the sink over and the clothes slide into the washer! It’s so super easy.

3) Samsung Dishwasher with WaterWall Technology


This dishwasher offers a revolutionary way to clean dishes. It’s made to clean all your pots, pans, dishes and silverware. What makes this different is the vertical wall of water that rotates to clean everything in its path. This dishwasher is also a beautiful addition to your kitchen. It just looks very sleek and stream-lined. There’s also a removable FlexTray on the top shelf for your cutlery. The best part? After washing, just grab the both sides of the tray and it turns into a handy basket for transferring the cutlery to a drawer.

5) Samsung POWERbot Robotic Vacuum


This vacuum is about to change your life. Firstly, let’s talk about how elegant this design is. It can just glide around your house and make your floors pristine. This vacuum has the smarts of a real human. It can sense when it is approaching an object and turn away from it. It also is super quiet. It offers 60 times more sunction power. There’s a compartment that separates the dirt from the debris which means that it doesn’t get clogged up super fast.

Samsung’s 2015 appliances are not just functional and very necessary for every home, they also look modern and elegant. To learn more about Samsung, click here.



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