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My children LOVE family movie night. We try to have at least two a week – even with all our after school activities. Sure, that sometimes means that my kids are up a bit later than I’d like on a school night. But that evening bonding is something I just cannot get enough of! I love to snuggle up in my bed with all three of my little ones. My husband on one side and me on the other – it’s probably one of my favorite moments of the week.

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When I was given the opportunity to screen Annie with my babies, I jumped at the chance. I grew up watching the original movie. I believe I was 5 years old when Annie came out and I just fell in love with the story. Singing those songs and dreaming of sunnier days –  I mean how can you NOT walk away smiling with those messages?

This film is a modern day retelling of “Annie” with the same lovable characters and themes surrounded by a fresh current story.  Annie’s determination and positive spirit are at the core of this story, and remind us why this spunky character’s search for a family is loved by so many.

I never had a chance to show my children the original Annie. I don’t know why – I guess life just got in the way. But when this new version came out, I couldn’t resist!! My daughter, especially, was eager to watch the film because one of her best friends played a foster kid in a Long Island play a few months ago and it was fresh on her mind.

So, what defines family? Is it blood? Is it history? Is it love? Can it be a little bit of each? Can it be just a few? The answer is yes. I know this firsthand as half of my family decided to no longer be part of my life many years ago. So, I had to make new family from friends and am so thankful for them. Was it easy for me to accept that my father was no longer in my life? No. I have to be honest here. But you face what life gives you and you push forward. And if you are anything like Annie, you do it with a big smile on your face. Positive attitudes will just attract more positivity! If anyone knows that, it’s this beautiful little girl.

Friendship is a powerful thing. Love is a powerful thing. Bonding and commitment and unity are powerful things. This story is truly one of celebration!!


Get The Movie!

In case you’d like to host a family movie night with your little ones, I have great news! The Annie Blu-ray Combo Pack will release on 3/17 and the Annie Digital HD will release on 3/10!!  You do not want to miss out on this opportunity. You can preorder today!


Tips For Hosting Family Movie Night:

Want to host your own family movie night? I have 5 super easy tips for you to follow

  1. Pick a movie everyone will enjoy! Ahem — Annie would be a great starter film. 🙂
  2. Have everyone washed up and in their pjs before you sit down to watch the film. Everyone will be tired at the end of this ride. There’s no point in having them brush their teeth and wash their face once you turn off your DVD player. That might wake them up again!
  3. Turn all electronics off — that’s for you, mom and dad. Give this time to your children. And do it completely.
  4. Don’t be afraid to talk about what’s happening. My children love to ask questions about what they are seeing. I sometimes like to reiterate points that are in the film if I think it might be going over their head. If we want to have a mini-conversation, we simply pause the film to chat. You aren’t in the movie theatre. Take advantage of your home.
  5. Take a vote. No seriously! After the movie ends, talk about whether or not each of you liked it! Yay or Nay! It will be fun to see what everyone thought. Maybe at this point you can also choose your next film.

Annie is simply infectious!  There’s a reason why Annie has entertained families for generations.  It’s a movie you’re going to want to feel with someone you love. Don’t forget, the Annie Blu-ray Combo Pack will release on 3/17 and the Annie Digital HD will release on 3/10!! 

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