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    Love This Powder Exfoliator By Dermalogica: It Travels Too!!


    I travel SOOOO much — you know that! Because I don’t always want to check a bag, I’ve gotten smart with my beauty product selections. My criteria is simple — my goods have to work + be carry on bag appropriate. Unfortunately, that meant that my routine had to be altered slightly when I went away. Particularly, with my exfoliator. I couldn’t find a good travel-sized version. All the ones that I owned were full-sized and I didn’t want to risk having it thrown away at the security check. It’s not a big deal… I GUESS. But I’m a girl that likes to stick to her regime and if I’m on a 5 day trip, my skin starts to dull.

    WELL!!!!!! In one of my recent beauty box subscriptions, I received this daily microfoliant from Dermalogica and holy hey now. It’s powder based and it works GREAT. So, guess what? This is my new travel companion for 2015!!

    The microfoliant works on all skin types and activates upon contact with water. L-O-V-E I-T! Exactly what I was looking for.Perhaps you are in the market as well.

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