Glade Partners With Motown Artist Kevin Ross To Gift FREE Music For The Holidays #FeelGlade


When you reminisce about the holiday’s is there a song you just have to hear, that jump starts the season for you or a scent that reminds you of a special someone or moment in time? For many of us this time of year brings back so many memories of moments spent with loved ones and a lot of times it could just be triggered by the smell of a room or the festive tune we hear playing in the background.

As the world wide leader in home fragrance Glade can help to inspire people in various positive ways through the scents they have, and continue to create for more than 50 years. This holiday season, after celebrating last years celebrated anthem “This is My Wish”, Glade has partnered with singer/song-writer Kevin Ross to create a newly inspired version of the original that is a gift to fans to celebrate the holidays and available to download for FREE on Glade.com. Recently I attended a live performance by Kevin Ross of “This is My Wish” at the Glade pop-up shop in Soho that aims to bring the feelings that are inspired by their fragrances to life and allows visitors to bring their favorite scents home with them.



Kevin has such a soulful voice we honestly all wanted him to sing for the entire night, but were excited to hear him and Sway (MTV personality) get into the details behind what inspired the collaboration between the Motown Recording artist {who recently toured with Ne-Yo and has a newly released EP out “Dialogue in the Grey”} and Glade.

Kevin: “The whole focus is that scent inspires feelings you know, and when I smelled sparkling spruce it reminded me of Christmas morning, you know waking up and going downstairs, opening up presents and being with family. 

 It brought back nostalgic moments and right now that’s what we all need, we need that love, we need those good memories to focus on, we need family and unity.”






The fun and unique pop up boutique had 5 rooms that were meant to evoke feelings from the guests who entered

(top, from left to right) Sparkling Spruce: Anticipate, Blooming Peony and Cherry: Flirty, Hawaiin Breeze: Relax, Clean Linen: Fresh and New & Red Honey Suckle Nectar: Energize (Photo of Kevin & Sway courtesy of Glade)

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/eSYeZHDa2aM” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


For more information on Glade products and happenings visit them on facebook, twitter and Instagram using #FeelGlade and be sure to get you free download of ” This is My Wish” to get you and your loved ones in the holiday spirit.

And if you live in NYC or visiting, the Glade boutique shop will be open until Dec. 23rd, so you should totally visit because it’s a truly unique experience.



Danielle Wilson is an Event Coordinator & Freelance writer who lives in Queens, NY with her hubby and two lil' monsters. You can find her living in the moment while beating Crohns disease. Follow their family adventures in the city at Dellah's Jubilation and over on Instagram @DellahsJubilation and Twitter @Djubilation