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What Brings You #JOY This Holiday Season? (Plus SOYJOY Gift Basket Giveaway)

I received compensation for my work on this post. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

BUCKETOFJOYSOYJOY and I want to know…what brings you joy during the holidays? Too many answers – right?!  I just LOVE this season.  Thankfully for many of us, there is just so much that brings us joy during this time of the year. It’s always such a pleasure to think back on all the memories I’ve made with my friends and family. The end of the year can be a great time to reflect on all that you’ve accomplished with loved ones.

But the holiday season is also a time to be present as well.

I love walking into a decorated house and hearing all the Christmas songs on the radio. I love seeing the lights around my neighborhood and admiring the festive trimmings in every store.

People just seem a little more joyful this time of year…maybe because so many people actually get to take time off from their jobs and enjoy themselves a bit. Natalie and Liam are home, which is really great. We try to cram in as many holiday events as we can which they appreciate.

The days of them being little are numbered I know, so it brings me great joy to see them as they are. Young. Innocent. Mine.

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This holiday season, while you are running around making your own memories, consider bringing along a snack the whole family will enjoy. SOYJOY bars have between 130-140 calories and are made with real pieces of fruit and non-GMO ground whole soybeans. Talk about a great, healthy, and certified gluten-free snack choice. Whether you are picking the kids up to take them to a Christmas party, choir practice, or swim class, this purse-sized snack won’t crumble or melt. It’s a lot easier to joyfully run around checking off your list when you aren’t hungry! 🙂

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To find out more about the wonders of SOYJOY:

Now, let’s get a little bit deeper into the holiday spirit, shall we??

To help spread #JOY this holiday, Lady and the Blog will be giving away a Bucket of Joy sponsored by SOYJOY. The lucky winner (US resident only) will receive a the following:

  • Mason jar of SOYJOY bars in all seven flavors

  • Plush blanket

  • Wooden letters spelling JOY

  • Galvanized Metal Bucket

Use the form below to enter. Good luck!!

SOYJOY Bucket of Joy

I received compensation for my work on this post. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

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