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    Disney Movies Anywhere Free Code: Gather All Your DVDs And Create A Digital Library

    Use this Disney Movies Anywhere free code to get started on your library today. Are you using Disney Movies Anywhere? You guys. I had NO IDEA THIS EXISTED. And can I be honest with you??  I think I was the only person in the room who was clueless!! I was not using Disney Movies Anywhere. I was not putting in any codes that came with my Disney DVDs once I purchased them. I didn’t even know what those codes were FOR.

    I was simply putting the DVDs into my VCR and calling it a day.

    How barbaric of me!!!!

    Disney Movies Anywhere Free Code: Gather All Your DVDs And Create A Digital Library

    Disney Movies Anywhere Free Code: Gather All Your DVDs And Create A Digital Library

    After having a little pow-wow with the Disney Movies Anywhere team, I was awakened. The first thing I did when I got home from my trip to LA was to find every single one of my Disney DVDs and look for those Disney Movies Anywhere free codes found inside. I’m sad to say I had at least 6 DVDs without the Disney Movies Anywhere free codes because I LOST the paper (BOO). But look how many that I was able to add!!!


    I’m ahead of myself as usual. Let’s back it all UP.

    What Is Disney Movies Anywhere?

    Disney Movies Anywhere Free Code


    Whenever you buy a Disney Blu-Ray DVD that comes with a Digital Copy (see image above — it says it right on the cover), you will be able to SAVE this movie into your Disney Movies Anywhere account.

    Enter Free Code part of website

    All you have to do is go to Rewards and then enter the Disney Movies Anywhere Free Code right where it says… wait for it… “Enter Code”. Beneath the Code section, you will also see fun rewards that are currently available. Incentives if you will!! So, for example, if you purchase Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty on Disney Movies Anywhere right now, you will get a free collectible poster. Super fun!! I never did this before. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? The Disney Movies Anywhere free code was right in front of my face all along. UGH

    Fun Perks From Disney Movies Anywhere

    That’s another great perk about Disney Movies Anywhere — you can purchase movies right from the system. You don’t necessarily NEED the DVD. And can I be honest with you? I’m phasing out of the DVDs and the CDs. I’m really all about the digital copies anyway.

    On vacation and need to put something on for the kids to watch as they wind down and get ready for bed? Access your Disney Movies Anywhere account and it’s as if you brought your entire HOME LIBRARY with you. OH wait… YOU DID BRING YOUR ENTIRE HOME LIBRARY WITH YOU.

    But I Have Disney Movies Without A Digital Copy Included???

    That’s ok! I added a ton of those moves into the system too! While I didn’t log a digital copy, I did earn points for my account. Use those points to get fun rewards such as DVDs and accessories. I spoke to someone on the trip and she said that she bought her children a scooter last year by using her points. WOW!

    I Have Digital Copies In My Disney Movies Anywhere Account. Now What?

    Now you can watch these movies wherever you are!!! TOTAL PIXIE DUST MAGIC!  You will also notice some other sweet perks.

    Bonus features


    Underneath every movie that you own is an entire area of bonus features. This section is comprised of shorts found on the bonus disk that actually CAME with the DVD when you bought it AND occasionally (and as time progresses more frequently) the site will offer EXCLUSIVE content that can only be found on Disney Movies Anywhere.

    So, YES there is a benefit to doing this! You will get a deeper look into your favorite films. Character drawings. Interviews. Behind the scenes looks with your favorite team members and more.

    Act Right Now And Get Wreck-It-Ralph Placed Into Your Disney Movies Anywhere Account For Free!!

    Wreck It Ralph

    If you connect your Google Play account to your Disney Movies Anywhere account, you will get Wreck-It- Ralph FOR FREE. I literally just did it!! So worth it just for this movie alone!! And don’t forget to look for your Disney Movies Anywhere Free Code.

    These movies never expire! They are yours for LIFE. There’s no reason NOT to do this.

    Disney Event

    Thank you so much to Disney for letting me know about Disney Movies Anywhere.

    I really hope you take advantage of this service. I have three kids and they constantly scratch up my DVDs and games. This is the solution I’ve been looking for!! 

    * Disney flew me out to LA to attend the Big Hero 6 premiere. I attended this event during that trip. All opinions are my own.

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    1. I’ve been collecting these codes forever and sadly can’t use Disney Movies Anywhere because it’s only available for Apple products. C’mon Disney! You have a lot of Android-user fans! But – I do get the digital copy on my Kindles to take with us on-the-go. I love that they give you the digital copy with your DVD purchase. Bonus!

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