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    Daily Diary: My Son… William Sweeney



    Last night, my husband and I attended Parent – Teacher night at our kids’ school. We had to divide and conquer because their appointments were at the same time. I went to Natalie’s classroom and Bill went to Liam’s class. When we both got home, I ended up doing a Twitter party for Chapstick and didn’t have time to talk to my husband about it all until this morning.

    That’s when he showed me this picture — Liam’s signature from his parent letter.

    Rather official, eh?

    Liam’s real name is William – after his father of COURSE. But we NEVER call him William. He’s been Liam since the day he was born. I actually had to give him a heads up on the first day of Kindergarten that his teacher “might call you by a different name”. LOL!

    Last year, while in 1st grade, he sort of owned the fact that he had a proper name. Since then, he started using William during important times – times that he believed matters.

    I guess last night mattered.


    William Sweeney

    I’m cracking up!

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