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Introducing The Stokke True Black Xplory Limited Adjustable Stroller: Available ONLY At Neiman Marcus

Stokke  True Black Xplory Limited Adjustable Stroller

Isn’t she pretty? And perfect? And absolutely a MUST-HAVE? I am head over heels in love with theStokke True Black Xplory Limited Adjustable Stroller. There are only so many being made and there’s ONE place to purchase it — Neiman Marcus.

I attended the ABC Kids Expo with Stokke and they didn’t even have this design on the floor. That’s how exclusive it is! Only Neiman can show it.

I love the design, the black and white combo works for either gender and the overall look is just très chic!

What’s Included With The Stokke True Black Xplory Limited Adjustable Stroller:

  • Black chassis
  • Black seat textiles and bottom storage bag.
  • Black and white style kit including color coordinating hood and seat accents.
  • Black changing bag.
  • Black parasol.
  • Cup holder.

Remember — the Stokke stroller offers a few great things for mom and baby. Your child is closer to you while in the stroller. The seat can position either front or back facing. When Caleb was little, I had him facing me, but as he aged I turned him around so he could explore the world. And the seat also have several different reclining positions. If you baby wants to nap, you can simply alter the angle of Stokke stroller seat and he/she can do so with ease.

Notice the height? This stroller can work as a high chair while you are visiting your favorite restaurant or when you are out of town staying with friends who might not have a high chair. It’s a GREAT option!

For more information about the Stokke True Black Xplory Limited Adjustable Stroller, visit Neiman Marcus.

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  1. Seriously, we have become such a snotty nation,,an exclusive to one store baby stroller that can’t be shown at a trade show? Ya, ok….
    Looks just like a hundred other strollers I saw while visiting theme parks in Orlando recently, that I am sure cost a whole lot less but oh dear, those parents can’t say it was a NM exclusive!!!
    It is certainly lacking in storage area!!!

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