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The Mom Challenge: The Once A Week Promise You Make To Yourself #GettingGorgeous

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We’re in VEGAS together for the ABC Kids Expo — but that’s not going to stop us from posting a MOM CHALLENGE.

Are you ready for this one?

Buy something for yourself.

This Fall, it has been ALL about the kids and back to school. And you know what? That’s FINE. But now… it’s me time.

The challenge – quite literally – BUY SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF.

Is it a new shoe?
Is it a new bag?
Is it a new blouse?
Is it a new pair of jeans?
Is it a new hair wrap?
Is it a new lipstick?
Is it a new cellphone case?

Whatever it is, grab something for you.

Share with us on Twitter what it is you grabbed for yourself! Make sure you tag the tweet with #GettingGorgeous and tag us – @AudreyMcClellan and @VeraSweeney

Take a pic if you can!!

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