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    ENTER TO WIN: Lavazza In Keurig K-Cup® Packs plus Keurig® K10 MINI Plus Brewing System #LavAzza

    Lavazza KCup Kit CollageYou know I love the Keurig. My husband loves it even more, like a crazy person really. He also loves a good, Italian roast-style coffee. The issue we were having was that we wanted to enjoy Italy’s Favorite Coffee, Lavazza, in a single serving, but it could only be done via the Rivo System from Keurig, which we don’t have. Certainly there are plenty of flavors, roasters, and blends to choose from, but there’s something about that Lavazza coffee. Well, good things come to those who wait because you can now enjoy Lavazza’s premium drip coffees in the form of Keurig K-Cup® Packs!

    This is really very cool. Bill was super excited about this. I don’t want to say too much, but I may be saying that. Lavazza is a good cup of coffee and we couldn’t wait to give it a try in the Keurig.

    Well, it did not disappoint. Really great flavor, full body, wonderful aromas…all the stuff you hope for when you are making yourself some good, Italian espresso roast coffee. The real thing…but now, much more convenient (and cost effective).

    Lavazza K-Cup Collage

    Here are the amazing flavors you could pick up in boxes of 16 K-Cup® Packs:

    • Gran Aroma is a balanced, highly aromatic blend of premium 100% Arabica beans with a floral aroma and citrusy flavor profile. Ideal for the true coffee connoisseur.
    • Made from 100% carefully selected Arabica beans, Perfetto is bold with lingering caramel notes. It is roasted a bit longer to produce a “perfect” and characteristically Italian dark flavor profile. The ideal choice for those who love the pure pleasure of espresso roasts.
    • Gran Selezione comes exclusively from Rainforest Alliance Certified™* coffee farms. It is a premium Arabica blend with intense flavor, chocolate undertones and a full-bodied taste. 100% fine Arabica, 100% sustainably grown.
    • Classico’s balanced roast time produces its signature intense aroma of dried fruits, along with its rich and full-bodied flavor. Enjoy this blend as part of your everyday coffee ritual. 

    Check out all of the wonderful varieties of Lavazza K-Cups on

    Now, if Bill could only make my coffee look like this…

    Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 9.45.09 PM

    By the way, we enjoyed the Lavazza on our Keurig® K10 MINI Plus Brewing System.  To find out more, please see below:

    Well, now for the good part. One (1) lucky Lady and the Blog reader will receive:

    Lavazza Keurig K-Cup Packs and K10 MINI Plus

    Bill is a guy trying to be dad and husband while running an online media company at home with his wife. Piece of cake.


    1. I don’t own a Keurig but want one so bad. I have tried it at my husband’s office and a friends house. I have not tried Lavazza yet.

    2. I love Keurig! I had one years ago, but not for a long time. This coffee sounds wonder too!

    3. I don’t own a Keurig, but I have heard wonderful things! I have yet to try Lavazza!

    4. we use our keurig everyday, and haven’t had the opportunity to try Lavazza since I haven’t heard of it until now!

    5. I do not own a Keurig, although I have tried them and I love them. They’re perfect for our household. My boyfriend and I love different types of coffee. I haven’t tried Lavazza. I am in the market to get one of these machines. It’s on my Christmas or Birthday wish list. Crossed fingers, we’ll see.

    6. I have only used a Keurig once when I stayed overnight in a motel. I thought the machine was awesome.

    7. i haven’t ever tried lavazzo but i love coffee and i really want to try it.

    8. I still have to try this Lavazza, I don’t have a keurig but with my Hamilton I can also use K-Cups 🙂

    9. I do have a Keurig brewer, 2 actually. One at home and one at work and I use one or the other every single day. I’ve not gotten to try the Lavazza in k-cups or in the Rivo yet.

    10. I don’t own a Keurig.. but I want one! This mini one would be perfect.. because I am really the only one who drinks coffee at my house.

    11. I do use a Keurig! I’m hoping to win this as a Christmas gift for somebody since I already have one, and a Rivo- which, as you know, uses LavAzza… And it’s DELICIOUS!!!! Thank you for hosting such an AWESOME giveaway!

    12. I never used one and hear their are great. My doctors office has one for their staff guess they would recommend it @redneckdiva76

    13. I have used a Keurig at work. I wish I could at home but I do not have one. I have never tried Lavazza!

    14. I would love to win this for my brother. It would be great for him. I’ve never tried Lavazza yet.

    15. I’m a regular Keurig user at home and at work but haven’t had the chance to have the Lavazza k-cups yet.

    16. I have a keurig but have not tried the Lavazza brand coffees though i have had similar coffees and enjoyed them. e

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