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Daily Diary: And Then There Was One

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Caleb is so SAD during the day now. He is so used to the chaos and the noise and the crazy that he just can’t handle being alone. I guess there is a price to pay when you are the third child after all. Silence makes you uncomfortable. I thought he would love the ME time. BUT IT’S THE OPPOSITE. He cries at the door when the older two leave. He calls for them throughout the day.


Poor little guy. I need to find him a music class or a gym class a few times a week. This boy needs his own thing.

Yesterday, when we went to pick up Natalie and Liam at the bus stop, he was running. I mean RUNNING. He knew what we were doing. He was screaming “BUS” and “NA NA”. He knew we were going to get her. When they came off, he just about floated off the ground.

And now this morning, they left again. Tears. Screaming. TAKE ME! WHY ARE YOU NOT TAKING ME?! DON’T LEAVE ME WITH THESE TWO! THEY ARE SO BORING!!!

Little does he know that this is IT for the next 10 months. Oh my goodness. I know he will adjust of course. He is a pretty easy-going guy. It’s just been hard to watch the last few days.

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