Enter To Win $200 Kohl’s Gift Card: Back To School Giveaway



Giveaway time!! I’m so excited about this one because I am teaming up with my friends. Always love connecting with real life buddies. I’ve teamed up with BonBon Rose Girls Mom Generations and Musings of a Housewife to offer you a chance to win a $200 gift card to Kohl’s! That means we get to lighten your back to school shopping bill this year. WOO HOO! Anything to thank our readers for sticking around and reading our blogs. 

You guys are what make our worlds go ’round. Don’t make me start to get all teary eyed. You know I can go there pretty quickly.

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There are 10 possible entries on the form below — be sure to do them all to better your chances of winning! You can do a lot of damage with $200 at Kohl’s. They constantly have deals and sales and coupons. I love a good coupon!

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GOOD LUCK!! Winner will be chosen at random on September 4th!!

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  1. OMG, this would be wonderful to win, there’s a whole bunch of #frozen stuff I’d love to get dds, they have the cutest Disney, My Little Pony, and Barbie items! Also need some down coats for the winter, they already outgrew last year’s! Yikes!

  2. I would get socks socks and more socks. How can everyone lose most of their socks over the summer? I mean really? I would also get some fall jackets or hoodiies that everyone needs!

    (yes, it was a sock hunting day here hence the sock tirade) ha!

  3. Nice giveaway – I buy all my attire from Kohl’s. it’s the first place I think of when I need to go clothes shopping.

  4. I would spend my gift card on fall clothes and shoes for the fam! Thanks

  5. I love Kohls!!! I am crazy about the Flirt eyeshadow and they always have great clothes for my daughter

  6. I have two weddings coming up, both couples are registered at Kohls….so I would use it towards those gifts! I would have some left over, so I think I would look for a new serving tray for me ~ I have a very pretty one for summer time, but I would like one that looks more “fall-ish”

  7. I would spend on my 5 kids for clothing or shoes for school. Being a single dad of 5, I appreciate the chance at this, thank you

  8. I would use any extra cash to pay my dental and medical bills. Even with insurance, you reach your limit and have to pay a lot in addition.

  9. OK, I misunderstood the question. :o( Kohl’s is my favorite store and I would have no problem spending money there. I would like to buy my mom some new clothes, she is in assisted living and tells people she will never need new clothes..but she does.

  10. I would buy some clothes for school. It seems my children grow faster than weeds;)

  11. I would buy some tops from the daisy fuentes collection, shoes for me and my sons.

  12. I would spend the Kohl’s Gift Card on clothes for me! The kids shopping is done and I think I deserve a little something, always makes a person feel good! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!!

  13. There is a charity in my town that buys pajamas and books for underprivileged children for Christmas. This $200 would buy a lot of pajamas!

  14. I would get some school shoes for my grandchildren and maybe a pair of earrings for myself.

  15. I would spend it on me! The kids are taken care of in the BTS department and I would love to just buy my self whatever I wanted.

  16. For some reason the comment field is nowhere to be found on the page for the “3 Million Views On YouTube – $300 Contest.” I clicked to take the entry in the widget before I realized that so I am hoping you might see my comment here. 🙂

    If I won the Amex GC I would buy another case for my new phone and some toys & treats for my dogs.

  17. I’d buy clothes for the kiddos…three weeks into school and still buying:)

  18. I would buy myself some new clothes; I just sent my son to college and there went the budget! Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. i would def save it for xmas time they have great deals on toys and clothes!

  20. I would spend the wonderful Kohl’s gift card on winter boots for myself, and hats and gloves for the rest of my family. We all need stuff for the upcoming colder weather.

  21. I would use it to buy maternity clothes and clothes for my baby! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!!!

  22. I would buy some items for our apartment (we’re finally moving out of my father in-law’s house) and I’d get my son some fall clothing.

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