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The One Travel Product That Just Changed My Life (VIDEO)

Ok, folks. You know I travel quite a bit. I usually try to get on and off the airplane with just a carry on bag. Usually, I can make this happen but it comes at a price. I can never take my favorite things – like my perfume. My REAL scent. Sure, I have a ton of travel-sized perfume scents that I pack for the road… but they aren’t MY SCENT.

Do I survive the trip? Of course I do. But if there was another way, you better believe that I would use it.

Well, I found the OTHER WAY!! Travalo by Travalo, Refillable Travel Perfume Bottle Atomizers allows you to pump in your favorite perfume right into a TSA friendly bottle. It takes about a minute and you are good to go for several trips!


I mean, this could also be kept in your purse not for nothing! But my brain is up in the sky since I am heading to LA on Saturday.

It’s the little things, people!! The little things.

Take a look at the video and let me know what you think.

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