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The Mom Challenge: The Once A Week Promise You Make To Yourself #gettinggorgeous

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Every Monday, Audrey McClelland and I share a challenge for the week! I hope you’ve been playing along!! Well today, we have something a bit more challenging than what we normally do.


Start something new.

That’s right. What’s something you’ve been wanting to do… but you haven’t taken those baby steps. What are you holding yourself back from?  It could be anything. Something as simple as a new haircut or as complex as booking that trip to India you’ve already fantasized about. Ever thought about writing a book? Speaking in front of a large group? Flying to Paris and becoming a pastry chef? I DON’T KNOW what your dreams are!! But whatever they are – take that first step my friend. Today is the day.

Tell us about your baby step on Twitter. Tag both @audreymcclellan and @verasweeney with the hashtag #gettinggorgeous.

Can’t wait to hear!

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