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List Of Free Kindle Books To Download From Amazon

free e-books amazon list

I did quite a bit of traveling over the last few weeks and was able to put a serious dent in my e-book list. I only had 20 or so left to choose from as I flew home from North Carolina this weekend. That put me in a panic. I need options people! OPTIONS!

So, I haven’t done one of these posts in a while – thought it was time. I don’t mind reading self-published books. I actually enjoy them. I buy what’s free and take a chance. If they are good, then I keep reading. If they stink, then I delete and move on. HENCE MY PANIC ON THE PLANE. 🙂

(In case you are wonder – I played Plants Vs. Zombies 2 for the entire ride instead. )

So, here’s the deal with free books from Amazon. You need to check out the page count before you download anything. If it’s under 200 pages, don’t bother. They are either short stories or teasers WHICH I HATE WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL.

Can I guarantee that these books are going to rock? NOPE. The only thing I can guarantee is that these e-books are FREE.

Oh one more thingmost are only free for a limited time. So, save them to your Amazon account TODAY and then download them to your iPad or Kindle or phone (etc.)whenever you have a free minute.

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