Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fandango NYC Family Screening – Giving Away 4-Pack VIP Screening Tickets (AUGUST 6th)


Hey guys!! I’m giving away 4 VIP tickets to attend the Fandango NYC Family Screening of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on August 6th. These tickets are HUGE because the screening is already at capacity.

You will receive free snacks and prizes for each guest. WOO HOO!

Have you read the summary yet?

Darkness has settled over New York City as Shredder and his evil Foot Clan have an iron grip on everything from the police to the politicians. The future is grim until four unlikely outcast brothers rise from the sewers and discover their destiny as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Turtles must work with fearless reporter April O’Neil and her cameraman Vern Fenwick to save the city and unravel Shredder’s diabolical plan.

So much fun. My kids are M-A-J-O-R Teenage Mutant Ninja Fans. I mean major. In fact, I’m looking at nunchucks as we speak. LOL.

Anyway to enter, use the form below. BE SURE YOU CAN MAKE THE AUGUST 6th – NYC screening. These tickets are specific to that showing. Good luck!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Rated: PG-13

When: Wednesday, August 6th
6:30 p.m.

Where: AMC Loews Kips Bay 15
570 Second Ave
New York, NY

This contest ends TOMORROW!!!!!

4 VIP tickets to attend the Fandango NYC Family Screening of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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  1. Go Turtle Go Turtle GO!

    (TMNT bring back childhood memories… maybe I should just take a friend lol)

  2. My little girls birthday is on Wednesday, she is completely Obsessed with #TMNT thanks to her big brothers. Without fail you can see them all watching together early Sunday mornings, in their #TMNT PJ’s and big bowls of cereal. This would be an incredible Birthday a Gift.

  3. Oh my gosh my boys would love to see it be for it comes out. Good luck everyone

  4. My favorite turtle raphel is back on the big screen, cant wait to see this movie

  5. Please I would to see this movie, my two kids will love too, we are so excited! Let’s go Ninja Turtles!

  6. I have Missed these guys since the last movie. Turtles on a half shell rock!!

  7. I love Ninja Turtles, I have watched them since I was 10, I’m very happy to see them.Please let me win sonme entries! Thank you

  8. Thank you for hosting this contest. I would love to see the latest incarnation of the Turtles as I grew up with them from their early comic book beginnings to their movies and cartoons. Would love to take my family and introduce them to the Turtles as well.

  9. So many TMNT fans in life! Not sure who I would ask to join me if I won this fun contest!

  10. Would love to win and saw this movie and take my lil one she loves them

  11. this is about to get shellshoked i would love to win these vip tickets i have been a fan of ninja turtles since the age of 3 i have all the figures and movies this will be long life dream come true to win these passes

  12. Would love to attend….brings me back to my childhood….Uncle Vinny used to take me n sis to every tmnt flick πŸ™‚

  13. Would love to take my son’s to see the movie. They love the animated cartoon series. They have seen the original movies and enjoyed them as well. Thanks for the opportunity.

  14. Family of 4, Big time fans of TMNT. Love, love, love to win these tickets!

  15. My friend daze and I are old school ninja turtle fans! It would be epic to win vip seats!

  16. This might be unrelated, but I once had a dream I was a 5th ninja turtle and I was on a sky diving mission to save the president in his presidential plane. Yep.

  17. My family wants to convince me that this is gonna be an AWESOME film so I wanna be able to take them and have the awesome time they expect

  18. My boys, 12 and 8 ate so psyched about this movie! They have been waiting for it for almost a year now lol!

  19. Will be taking my 2 little girls and brother who remembers them since the ’80s.

  20. I’ve loved them since I was little and will be taking my nieces who are just discovering how awesome they are.

  21. I so would love to go and take my brother and my family. .we are so into comics and would love to see this screening.

  22. This movie would be great to see.
    I enjoyed it when I was a kid I know my kids would to.

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