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    Daily Diary: Saw Ingrid Michaelson In Concert At Central Park’s Summer Stage Thanks To Hard Candy Cosmetics


    Last week, I was invited to attend an Ingrid Michaelson concert at Summer Stage in Central Park by Hard Candy. She is one of my FAVORITE artists. When I told my husband that we were going, he asked me if I was OK because he KNOWS. I get invited to a lot of things, but this was certainly a highlight. I thoroughly enjoy her music and even learned how to play one of her songs on the ukulele when I took it up two years ago.

    Side note – I spelled “ukulele” so wrong while writing that last sentence that my computer didn’t even know how to correct it…. I had to get human help. Yup. That’s all you need to know.

    The Summer Stage concert ended up being one of Ingrid’s biggest ones YET which I was SHOCKED to hear. I assumed she was playing STADIUMS at this point, but no. The singer / song writer got teary a few times throughout her show and even had to stop to catch her breath because she was so in awe of how large the crowd was. Don’t you love that?!

    Ingrid sang a mix of her oldies and current tracks and had a SLEW of guest appearances including Taylor Swift and Darren Criss. Rumors of course began to swarm that the two were dating because WHY on EARTH would Taylor Swift be hanging out back stage at an Ingrid Michaelson concert?? So strange, right? Would love to know why! Perez Hilton was sitting right next to me… perhaps he will get to the bottom of it all.


    The after party was nice – my husband enjoyed the food and open bar. I was exhausted by that point because I’m an old lady. I downed a few glasses of champagne and waited for Miss Ingrid to appear. She showed up, took a ton of photos with guests by the step and repeat and then mingled with the crowd.

    What a great NIGHT! Thank you so much to Hard Candy Cosmetics for having me along.

    Have you checked out Ingrid Michaelson‘s music yet? She has several albums out and I LOVE THEM ALL! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed! To see Walmart’s selection of Hard Candy Cosmetics – click here.

    Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 12.37.01 PM


    * Hard Candy Cosmetics provided me with complimentary tickets to attend the concert and after party

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    1. Wow, what a fun event! I’ve enjoyed Ingrid Michaelson’s music for a while now and I also thought she’d be used to playing huge festivals. I’ve had this kind of surprise with other musicians similar in vein to Ingrid. Musicians who are very talented and unique, and you can’t imagine anyone not enjoying their music, it’s always surprising to find out that they still play small venues. Though sometimes that’s better for the ambience of the listening experience in my opinion!

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