Lady And The Blog Hits 3 Million Views On YouTube – So We’re Celebrating With A $300 Contest!!

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You thought I was going to say we were going to give away $3 million dollars, didn’t you? πŸ™‚

It’s time to celebrate people!! Ok, I know it’s not a big deal for you guys, but I was super excited to see that I just crossed over the 3 million view mark on YouTube considering I just passed over the 2 million mark in January. Thanks to you all, my videos have generated a million views this year alone.

We are a video obsessed family! Whether we are filming about our family adventures, some crazy thing our kids are doing, fashion hauls or coupon tips — it gets uploaded on YouTube!!

I can’t hug you all, but I can host a contest. I’m going to give away $300 smack-a-roos of my own cash as a thank you for being part of this family and letting me do what I do.
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Thank you for stopping by on a regular basis. Thank you for keeping Lady and the Blog on your regular rotation. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

And good luck!!

$300 AMEX Gift Card Celebrating 3 Million YouTube Views

Vera Sweeney, mom, blogger, social media influencer and New York resident, is the founder of She is considered one of the top female digital influencers in today’s social media space. Her lifestyle and parenting brand helps busy women stay on top of the latest trends in fashion, food, family and travel.


  1. I am trying to buy items for kids in crisis — including school supplies and clothes. This would go a long way in providing for their needs.

  2. I have a kindergartener heading to school this fall so we need some back to school supplies!

  3. I’ve been following ImNotObsessed and LadyAndTheBlog for years! So happy for your success. πŸ™‚

  4. If I won, I would use it on Christmas gifts. It would certainly help me out and I would be able to shop early for the first time in many years πŸ™‚

  5. School clothes for my two kids and maybe a pedicure for me, probably not but its fun to think about doing, but definitely clothes for them

  6. I am going to buy my Dad, sister, brother and nephew birthday presents. Their birthdays are in August and September!

  7. I’d help out my daughter who’s about to go to a theatre school. πŸ™‚

  8. If I won this giveaway I would use the money to buy groceries so I can have more money to pay off loans.

  9. I think I would use toward new furniture, would like some nice outdoor furniture.

  10. I would use the gift card to buy a couple of backpacks, school uniforms, and some school snacks for lunches for my kids.

  11. I would give it to my son who is going to face a financial burden next month when they admit his 5 month old baby into Children’s Hospital for brain surgery. It’s Hard seeing your children and grandchildren go through so much trama so early in life.

  12. I would use it to take my niece on a shopping spree for her baby girl that she is excepting in a few months.

  13. I would use the gift card for school clothes for my son and daughter.

  14. I would use it to put toward a new computer, because runs very slow. Thanks for the giveaway, and congrats.

  15. Congrats on 3 million views! I would use it towards a vacation. I sure need one!

  16. I’d be able to get some repairs done on my mini-van and then use some for gas for driving rescue transports (I help by driving dogs and cats coming from kill shelters to rescues, fosters, and adopters).

  17. My daughter’s bestie is expecting her first child. I’d love to use this to get her something amazing.

  18. I’m going on vacation later this year. I’d use this for some extra special indulgences on that vacation like massages, super nice dinners…

  19. Congratulations to you! Thanks for the chance at the great giveaway! Of course, I also follow on instagram!

  20. I’d put it towards something for our bedroom. We are remodeling. I’d love a new comforter…new lamps,,,a new rug

  21. I would use some of it for groceries. The rest would go towards clothes and school supplies.

  22. I’d buy some clothes for the fall, and shoes! And a birthday present for my hubby.

  23. I’ve been wanting to go away for a weekend with my husband and this would pay for a hotel room.

  24. I’m finally getting ready to start yoga so I would use it to buy a mat and other things I need.

  25. I’ve been wanting a new camera since my daughter was born. This would get it! Big congrats and thanks!

  26. I would love to put this towards our food & fun expenses during our beach vacation later this year! We need to buy groceries, go out to dinners, do some entertaining things during the day…this gift card would help so much with that!

  27. I never ever buy myself anything & if I’m the lucky winner, I’m getting my hair done! So my fingers are crossed. πŸ™‚ congrats to you.

  28. i would save it for a disney makeover for my girls they love going to the biddby bobbidie boutique!

  29. I’d buy it to buy school uniforms and school supplies. Thanks for the opportunity.

  30. I would probably use it for groceries, and put my regular food budget money toward a bill


  31. I would love to use this towards my trip to Orlando at the end of the month!

  32. Congrats on the milestone!!
    If I won I would use some of the money for finishing back to school shopping, I would take the rest an save it for Christmas shopping. Thank you for the chance!

  33. Def. would get some back to school item’s, for the kid’s. I start school myself, so I also need a few thing’s. Any little extra help is great

  34. Thanks so much for sponsoring this contest. If I were to win this prize, I would put it towards a vacation for my family.

  35. A new outfit for myself. Long overdue for pampering me. Thanks for the chance

  36. Congrats on 3 Million YouTube views! I would use the money to pay off bills and purchase a new lawn mower.

  37. I would spend it on my son. Always helping me. He’s a little down. And I would like to surprise him.

  38. I’d get swimming gear since I’ll be taking swimming classes with my daughter soon. Also home decor and movies πŸ™‚ and a little something for the hubs! He deserves something cool too πŸ˜‰

  39. I need a laptop and hence it would be a huge help for me. I will use this to get y first laptop for my college

  40. I would get the kids some school clothes and I would get a new bookshelf for my son.

  41. Well at this moment I would use it for school shopping for my kids because 5 kids is not cheap to buy clothes or supplies… Worth it but not cheap

  42. I would stock up on groceries and then use the rest for Christmas presents for my kids!

  43. I’d give it to my brother and his wife for their 1 year wedding anniversary.

  44. I would love to buy some Fall clothing for my boys with this gift card – thanks for the chance!

  45. I would buy school supplies and clothes for my son! He starts kindergarten this month!

  46. I have an $800 dental bill and I would happily and thankfully use this to pay for part of that bill.

  47. I would buy stuff for baby #2 who is on it’s way!! Need to get soooooo many things!

  48. First I would make sure to buy all the school supplies they need for this year, and then buy them some new clothes. They are all growing so fast it seems like they always need new things.

  49. My dog is overdue for her vet visit. I would use this to get her checked and have her shots updated. Thanks for the contest!

  50. I’m feeling lucky and we just had an outlet mall open near us so guess where I’m going if I win!

  51. id buy some clothes for me and my 16 yr old daughter a shirt for me and an outfit for her

  52. I would buy myself some new clothes. I always spend any extra money on my girls and just forget about myself. lol

  53. I would buy a new computer! Something I have desperately needed for a long time!

  54. I want to buy an external hard drive, i feel like my computer is about to crash, it’s slowing down and freezing on me. And I want to buy my sister in law a few things for her baby. Like a car seat and/ or a bottle warmer

  55. I would buy some baby things for my new grandson who is due the end of August – so excited!

  56. I have to kids in college so I would get them supplies and take them shopping for things they need like toiletries etc

  57. I would buy new bikes for my wife and myself. Riding together is great exercise.

  58. I would get school supplies for my son he needs new sneakers, shoes, jeans shirts etc

  59. I would use this awesome win to get kids new back to school clothes and shoes.

  60. I would use it at Sephora, I need some of those new colors and I love Bare Minerals

  61. Congrats Vera on hitting the 3 million mark on YouTube, that’s phenomenal! As I haven’t had a real vacay in quite awhile I would put this toward airfare for a fun and long overdue and well deserved Vacation Getaway!

    Here’s to 3 million more!

  62. I would buy some much needed clothing items for my daughters and myself as well as some school supplies. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  63. Congrats !!!

    I would totally use this towards my baby girl coming in two months.

  64. I would use it for back to school shopping when I have three to shop for 10th 8th and 4th grader money is very very tight he it isn’t funny !!!!

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