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Daily Diary: Apparently, I’m Getting Something In The Mail Today

mom and daughter drinking starbucks

Sooooooooo – I ran around yesterday with my shirt inside-out for a few hours. Didn’t think much about it because I had NO IDEA it was happening. While I was waiting on line at Starbucks, an older woman stopped me and asked me if I did it on purpose. I looked down and noticed the tag.


I admitted that I slept in the shirt the night before and actually had no clue that it was inside-out. To be nice, I told her to have a nice day instead of reiterating what was streaming through my mind. As I was walking away, she yelled that it was a SIGN. By leaving the house with my shirt inside-out, I somehow altered my future!! I was going to get something in the mail later on.


But then I went home and found THIS at my door… so yeah. Maybe all superstitions aren’t all off based.

In other words… today I’m wearing my shirt inside out again. 🙂
Oh and PS — do you like the two names the people at Starbucks put on my cups? Beraa and Breta. Close…

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