Back To School Clothes Shopping At Target – PLUS Enter To Win A $300 Gift Card WOW!!!

Back To School Shopping TargetThe Sweeney clan headed to Target and went Back to School shopping! We already scored all our school supplies(and gave away a $300 gift card) but now it was time to stock up on some clothes for both Natalie and Liam. We found great options on the floor!! For Natalie, we picked pieces that were both traditional and based off of some of her favorite cartoons – like Monster High and Ever After High.

Then my daughter grabbed this faux motorcycle jacket and my husband started calling her The Fonz. She didn’t get the reference but we were cracking up for the rest of the trip. Literally made my day.

Back To School Shopping Target

Jean jackets, patterned stretch pants, fun t-shirts, quilted zipper ups, super fab accessories and more! The girl’s department is packed with everything your daughter needs to gear up for Back to School. Like I said, Target has thought of every kind of girl. If your child loves to wear heavily themed attire, she will find what she is looking for in these aisles. If your daughter likes to dress a bit more muted, there are dozens and dozens of outfits just waiting for her to fall in love with as well.

Oh and PS – leopard lovers… this season is for YOU.

Back To School Shopping TargetFor boys, it’s just as easy. I grabbed a few collared yet casual shirts for Liam because I always need a dressed up shirt for school concerts and parent gatherings. The prices were so right! I was beyond thrilled.

Back To School Shopping TargetOf course we also opted for some fun t shirts including ones with Plants Vs. Zombies and Minecraft (see below). A few more pants and a zipper fleece and we are good to GO! Liam honestly needed less than Natalie did. He must own 6,000 t shirts. I don’t know how it happened but it did. I know it’s my fault but that kid wants for nothing when it comes to the clothing department.

Back To School Shopping Target

Back To School Shopping Target

Back To School Shopping Target

Back to School shopping at Target was so EASY. We honestly make sure to get there every year because you cannot beat the selection and the prices. Natalie’s favorite item from the haul was this leopard dress. She is a mini fashionista if I ever saw one. LOL!

And in case you want to know about what’s HOT for Back to School — here’s your official HEADS UP:

Key style trends for back to school this season:

  • Varsity Sport influence: collegiate graphics, sporty knit tops with football details, pull over sweatshirt, knit joggers
  • Factory Made: Denim looks, woven shirting, industrial inspired graphics, knit bomber jackets


  • Neo Traditional: preppy kitsch, collegiate colors, classic plaids and stripes, pins and patches.
  • Vintage romance: Victorian romance, rich tones, cosmetic pastels, painterly florals, feminine fabrics and lace

Target’s exclusive apparel brands for kids:


  • Offers clean and crisp outfits, made for everyday at school or formal kids’ functions
  • Includes graphic tees and active bottoms


  • Offers casual and active items, ideal for after-school activities and field trips or weekend wear and play dates
  • Includes graphic tees and active bottoms

 S Sport for Sketchers line

And be sure to check out the  S Sport for Sketchers line !! Amazing sneakers in a variety of on-trend styles for boys and girls. 
Are you ready to win a $300 gift card of your own? You can do all of your own back to school clothing shopping at Target too! Everything I bought in this post was just over $300. You can buy a LOT of clothes for your kids with this prize.

To enter, use the form below. GOOD LUCK!

$300 Target Gift Card!

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  1. I’m in denial that my little one is starting kindergarten. 🙁 so I haven’t done any shopping for school. This would be so awesome to win!

    1. I need to host a wedding shower that I am the maid of honor in.This would stretch my overall wedding budget greatly!Thanks for the chance!

  2. My 3 year starts preschool in September and we need fall clothes badly! These kids grow way too fast 🙂

  3. I’d get my kids some school clothes and supplies! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I would use it towards our kids school clothes!! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!!!

  5. If I was lucky enough to win this gift card, I would buy a lot of snacks such as crackers.

  6. I would buy school supplies for my little ones. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  7. Our back to school shopping season has a college twist this year ~ I would definitely use the gift card for our oldest as he heads off to school in just a few weeks. Thanks for hoisting such a generous giveaway at one of our favorite stores!

  8. I would use the giftcard to get new school clothes and school supplies for my daughter… and maybe a new board game for Friday family nights!

  9. Oh mostly shoes socks underwear and pants he’s 5 and going to first grade and goes through shoes like pez .

  10. DS5 is going to kindergarten and doesn’t get any hand-me-down love. I need to start looking for him!

  11. I would buy my 1yr & 3yr a couple new outfits and shoes; and a new convertible carseat. I would also buy christmas gifts for family members.

  12. shopping for that special “first day of school” outfit is always exciting

  13. I would get school supplies for my kids, some clothes for them, and diapers/baby wash for my youngest. This would be great while I am looking for work, school is almost here.

  14. I would use this card for back to school shopping for my kids. I’d like to get them some new jeans and shirts and sneakers.

  15. I would buy my kids back to school clothing. One starting high school and one starting kindergarten! 🙂

  16. Your kids look so happy! My 4 year old loves shopping still but my teenager is not into it this year. They both need clothes pretty desperately so that’s what we would spend it on.

  17. My husband needs dress pants and dress shirts for work so I would purchase some of those.

  18. I would buy back to school clothes with my gift card. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. I would buy clothes and school supplies for my 4 year old grandson, he starts preschool this year! Thanks SO much for the chance to win!

  20. If I win, this would go towards socks and undies. It seems like my kids think socks are disposable or something, we can never find a pair!

  21. I would get school supplies and some school clothes for my girls. Thank you!

  22. I would buy all my little girls school supplies; backpacks; some shoes; and some clothes..What a great giveaway! Being a single mom of 2 girls..I would love t win this! Thanks for the chance

  23. I would totally buy To School clothes for my four year old daughter who’s attending preschool for the first time this fall!

  24. I would buy my daughter some fall/winter clothes. She really needs them and we are short on money to get them for her.

  25. Definitely buy back to school clothes…I think the kids grew 2 inches over the summer!

  26. I would buy my son new clothes for kindergarten. I’d also get my daughter a few new outfits since she has hit yet another growth spurt.

  27. Target does have great clothing selection for kids/back to school! Would love to buy clothing for my son.

  28. school is starting soon for the kids and they grow so fast I would love to win this gc. Cute leopard outfit

  29. I would for sure do my shopping for school for my 9 year old and get as many supplies as i could what a help it would be

  30. I always did most of my son’s back to school shopping at Target too. I was just there the other day and hit with a wave of nostalgia, seeing all of the parents, with kids in tow. Mine is in college now, but locally so it’s not that big of a thing anymore, but I can always find ways to spend money at Target. Thanks for the chance!

  31. School clothes for my granddaughter. Her mom is starting college and she’s starting pre kindergarten. We all want our little ones to look great at school!

  32. There is no question, I would buy school clothes for my two girls. Both are coming out of schools where they have had to wear uniforms and I have no new clothes for them. I hate that they have to start school with old and used clothes.

  33. I love that little faux leather jacket. Would love to win that gift card. 🙂

  34. I would buy much needed back to school clothes and school supplies . thank you

  35. I would use it for my 4 kids back to school shopping, clothes, supplies and maybe some shoes.

  36. My kids would love new back to school clothes I’m a foster mom and this would totally make there day 😉

  37. My little one isn’t in school just yet, so I would use it on clothes for this coming fall since she’s growing like a weed and it seems like we can’t buy clothes fast enough.

  38. I am redoing my daughters bedroom to make it wheelchair accessible and need lots of new items like lamps, bedding, tables etc.

  39. I would buy some clothes & shoes for both my son & daughter for the fall. And stock up on bath items, like shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, etc

  40. I would get the boys their pants for school, any supplies needed and snack items

  41. I would buy back to school clothes and school supplies…and probably some groceries.

  42. I would help my sister buy school clothes for my niece and nephew. This would really help out! Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  43. I would buy supplies for my daughter who works in an elementary school. There are just so many items that are needed.

  44. I haven’t even thought about school clothes shopping but it’s almost that time. 🙂

  45. It would definitely be used for BTS clothes and a few Christmas gifts! And maybe those cute shoes I saw last time I was in store!

  46. Great offer! I would certainly help buy for the Gbabes if I won this ! Good luck to all!

  47. I would buy school supplies, clothes, and dorm essentials for my kids. TY for the chance.

  48. Could use for clothes and everyday household needs. Some school stuff to help out family and contribute to area school/community collections for student .

  49. A much needed school wardrobe for both of my children would be benefitted. With a tight budget, I’ve learned to shop with limited funds, so this would be amazing.

  50. I would buy school supplies for my grandson, as well as, new shoes and clothing for the Fall.

  51. My 9-year-old daughter is getting ready to start 4th grade and we have some serious back-to-school shopping to do in the coming weeks! Thanks for the chance!

  52. I think I would buy a nice dinette set for my dining area. I would also buy a treadmill.

  53. It looks like Target has lots of great clothes for kids to wear back to school.

  54. I would buy things for my grandkids!! I love them so much and can’t do much for them so this would be a huge help. Thank you!

  55. A much needed school wardrobe for of my child would awesome. I’m on a strict budget and this would be greatly appreciated.

  56. I would get my husband a few new outfits for the new school year. He’s teaching a new subject after 10 years, so I want him looking fresh and great! Also, clothes and shoes for my daughter!

  57. I love target! I’d get back to school supplies and a few dorm supplies for my niece 🙂

  58. With three kids Target is m y back to school go to! Clothing, book bags, and school supplies!

  59. I love the teal dress with the little dogs on it! I would buy a lot of clothing and school supplies for the kids and definitely some piece of furniture to store books, supplies, and toys.

  60. I’d buy groceries and a few kitchen gadgets like spatulas, etc. that I should replace.

  61. Combine this Target GC with sales, manufacturer’s coupons, and Target coupons and you’ve got it made.

  62. Back to school clothes and supplies for my Granddaughter! We love Target<3

  63. I need to get socks, underwear and more pants for my 3 kids. My daughter would love that leopard outfit!

  64. This is so amazing! What a great contest! Target has just opened a new store today (Grand Opening July 27th in Holbrook NY) and I am so excited to go. It is only 10 minutes from my house. I absolutely love target and their up and up brands.

  65. We just found out on Thursday that we will be bringing 3 of our granddaughters to live with us in a couple of months. I’m sure they’re going to need clothes, especially the school girls!

  66. I would buy school clothes and supplies for my son, who is entering high school this year!

  67. School Clothes and Supplies for both of my kids, havent bought them new school clothes in years, would be nice to be able to do that for them

  68. Wow, with that kind of money I could buy lots of clothes. I could also buy a good quality backpack that doesn’t need to be replaced in the middle of the year!

  69. I would buy my girls some new fall clothes since they are very active and wore out most of their clothing from last year.

  70. I would love to go wild in Target, it’s been too long – I love to visit each and every end cap to see what goodies they have on clearance! you never know what treasures you might find.

  71. I’d buy clothes for my son and for my nephew. My sister in law could use the help.

  72. im in desperate need of school clothes.this would cover it for my two children

  73. I would buy some newborn items and clothing as I am expecting my first grandchild.

  74. I’d buy school clothes & supplies for the kids and start Christmas shopping.

  75. I would buy school clothes, school supples, and laundry and cleaning products

  76. Buying a house at the end of this month and will definitely be visiting Target a lot as we get settled in.

  77. Back to school teacher clothes and things for my classroom is what I would buy!

  78. Back to school teacher clothes and supplies for my classroom is what I’d buy!

  79. I can ALWAYS use something at Target. I’d probably get the essentials and maybe “splurge” on one thing on the family wish list.

  80. Would love to win for my girls! We still need school supplies and new clothes/shoes would be great!

  81. All of those outfits are so cute! I love Target, they have so many great things at reasonable prices. I would love to win this, my son would be so excited and be able to get everything he needs.

  82. Would love to win for my girls.. We still need school supplies and new clothes/shoes would be great!

  83. My daughter starts college next month so I would use the gift card for things for her dorm – sheets, towels, etc. Thanks!

    1. Sorry my comment doesn’t seem to be showing..

      I would love to win for my girls.. We need school supplies and a new shoes/clothes would be awesome!

  84. I would love this for my girls.. We haven’t bought school supplies and of course a few new clothes/shoes would be great!!

    Sorry my comment doesn’t seem to be showing

  85. I would love to win for my girls.. They still need school supplies and new clothes/shoes would be great!

  86. I would buy new book bags for both of my children as well as back to school outfits and school supplies.

  87. i would buy work clothes for the older boys, that work and we dont spend very much money that we do not have on clothing so this would be so nice to have.

  88. I would love to win for my girls.. We still need school supplies and new clothes/shoes would be great!!

  89. I could So use this for my daughters back to school… It would make my day..

  90. We would love to win!! My girls still need school supplies and we would love a few new clothes/shoes from Target.

  91. My Niece Emilee would look great in any of those outfits! I would use gift card to get her tons of clothes

  92. I would probably buy some items for my nieces but maybe use a little of it for a new shower curtain.

  93. Oh I would love to win.. My girls still need school supplies and would be excited for a new outfit/shoes.


  94. What wouldn’t I buy at Target?! We are actually moving across the country this week so we would need some fall/winter clothes (moving from San Diego to Maine) and maybe some odds and ends for the new home!

    Thanks for this opportunity!!! I hope to have as much fun shopping at Target as your family did!

  95. I love, Love, LOVE…Target and would take my grandchildren shopping for their school clothes, pjs, and shoes…we might even get a surprise!

  96. For my 4 daughters I would buy school uniforms, shoes & backpacks. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  97. i would buy uniform clothes for my 6 year old 1st grade son! also back to school regular clothes for my 11 year old almost 12 year old daughter Heidi!

  98. Id scoop up some end of summer deals like a new swimsuit for myself and of course some new fall clothes for the kids!

  99. what a great give-away! Target has lots of wonderful back to school stuff, and summer sales too!

  100. For this giveaway, I twitter followed Target but didn’t receive the entry. Just FYI…

  101. Thank you offering this great contest. I would use the gift card towards Christmas presents.

  102. Love your blog! Especially love the contest. Back to school shopping at Target is a great prize. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  103. i would get an outfit or two for two kids, their backpacks and the rest of their school supplies on the list.

  104. This is a great giveaway. We love target.

  105. I would get back to school clothes for my boys and if there is any left over I would get their school supplies too.

  106. I would buy school supplies, socks, underwear, and groceries for a couple weeks.

  107. I’d by fall school clothes! My kiddos already out grew last years clothes! 🙂

  108. I would buy clothes for my 4 year old daughter and also take my mother and 13 year old brother along to let him buy some clothes for back to school!

  109. My kids need clothes, shoes, and school supplies. We always find cute stuff at Target!

  110. Our 3 children need shoes, clothes, backpacks, and school supplies. What an awesome giveaway!?!

  111. I would stock up on staples, buy some school supplies & school clothes & use some to stash a few Christmas gifts.

  112. Target is a great place to shop! I would buy clothes and groceries for my grandson and grandaughter.

  113. Thanks for the great contest- I would use it to do pretty much the same!

  114. I would buy school supplies and clothes for my teen. Many great choices there! Thanks for the giveaway.

  115. I would get a new blender and new clothes. Thank you for this chance to win!!!!

  116. I recently moved into my first apartment, so I’d love to use the gift card to buy some pieces for the living room (throw pillows, a standing lamp), and then do some food shopping, too! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  117. I love Target! I would definitely buy back to school clothes for my daughter.

  118. We would buy some much needed shoes and a dresser. My daughter has had plastic drawers since birth, and they don’t hold seven-year-old clothes very well.

  119. I would buy both the kids back to school clothes and supplies. I would also save some for Christmas shopping.

  120. I enjoyed buying back-to-school clothes and supplies for my sons. Target is a great place to buy just about anything.

  121. I love Target – they keep up best with the new trends. I would buy curtains and curtain rods for our new home.

  122. With the gift card I would buy some groceries and then maybe some back to school clothes.

  123. I would use the gift card to buy school clothes for my son and two sisters.

  124. I would use the card for school clothes for my kids. Things are tight right now.

  125. I would buy some new items for my living room. I really like their home decor at Target.

  126. I would use the gift card for back to school clothing and supplies for my kids.


  127. Would love some back to school shopping $$! My kiddos needs shoes & back packs 🙂

  128. New school clothes are a must right now and this would surely be helpful with purchasing them

  129. I would buy my grandkids their school clothes with it. Their mom is a single mom raising my grandkids on her own, and this would be such a burden taken off of her if I won this.

  130. If I win I will be using it to buy new school clothing and school supplies for my son 🙂

  131. Help my sister with her first time in pre k with new clothes and supplies, but I would buy me some new clothes too!! 🙂

  132. This would be a blessing since my wife and I both got laid off, after my biking accident. We could focus on rent, medical bills, credit card debt, etc and treat ourselves to some shopping. Yay!!! 🙂

  133. Um, everything! Seriously, baby supplies, groceries, books, toys, home stuff, etc.

  134. I would buy some clothes for fall and stocked up on household supplies.

  135. I would use it to buy back to school supplies for my Granddaughter. And i’m sure there would be enough for me to get some new fishing gear also. And I better get my wife something too or I won’t have any need for the new fishing gear!

  136. I would buy some items for my son for school and then I would buy some items for a child I know that needs things.

  137. I would love to by my son a new fall wardrobe and my new grandbaby a few items too.

  138. My daughter is moving into a dorm room starting her first year of college in September, and I’m moving to a new city to start my junior year at a different college, so we would buy stuff for our new homes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  139. Baby stuff, baby stufd and did I mention MORE baby stuff! I am 5 months pregnant with my first and realky could put this gift card to good use!

  140. Our oldest is headed to preschool this fall (sniff sniff) so some school shopping is in order!

  141. I would get both kids back packs, lunch boxes, and their back to school outfits. Socks, underwear, and school supplies too!

  142. We need all new from the under ..out. This kid hit a growth spurt like no other! He is a mixed bag..some days he couldn’t care less, the next day he’s in a suit and top hat (not kidding). He’s definitely got his own style. Today appears to be dress like an old grandpa as he is in boxers and a robe, you just never know with this one

  143. The kids look like they had so much fun. Love the Fonz reference. I totally get it and can’t believe the style is coming back again.

  144. I would by school clothes for my youngest son (he’s the last one I have left in school!) The nearest Target to me is 70 miles away! It would be great to order online!!!

  145. I would buy clothes, shoes and backpacks for my three kiddos for back to school time

  146. I would buy a little bit of everything from; food, health and beauty supplies, an ice cream maker,pet supplies, clothes and computer games!

  147. There’s always so much to do and BUY at BTS time! And kids grow so much over the summer! Thank heavens Target has awesome values that stretch our clothing dollars.

  148. I’d buy a ton of back to school clothes for my nephew and a few for me. / danabeeman(at)gmail(dot)com

  149. Target is my favorite store to shop at, for almost everything. I love how they have cute quality clothes for kids and for me too that are super affordable. The Target Red debit card is linked to my bank and saves me 5% on those clothes, which is nice. Their school supplies are awesomely priced, and the UP & UP brand a part gets donated to those in need. I could get lost in Target for hours, just ask my family if you don’t believe me. I have before. Oh and one other favorite thing about Target is the dollar spot section they have near the front (in most stores that’s where it is anyways). Tons of $1.00 to $3.00 items there.

  150. Hi! As I just moved into my own apartment, I would get many things that I need and want. I really need things to decorate and pretty the place up! Thank-you for a chance in this generous giveaway!!

  151. I would buy school supplies, socks, and basics for my nieces and nephews!

  152. Everything – groceries, household supplies, clothes, home decor items – you name it!

  153. I would buy school clothes and shoes. Supplies too and maybe some school lunch snacks

  154. This would be so nice as my son is going to a new school that has new outfit policies

  155. I would buy school shoes for one thing for all of my children from Target if I won this giveaway.

  156. Wonderful promotion…someone is going to be so happy with the help for back to school clothes! Good luck everyone!

  157. I would buy my kids school clothes and shoes! I would probably also buy some school supplies they desperately need!

  158. I would buy my son some new shorts, pants, and shirts as well as new underwear and socks and a couple of new belts!

  159. I would love to buy some maternity clothes and things that we need for the baby! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  160. I would buy school clothes for my sons And Buy school supply And buy Myself some clothes The rest money I would buy some groceries for my home.

  161. I would use it to buy new clothes and shoes for my daughter! I would probably also get a new comforter for me because I need one! Thanks for the chance!

  162. I would buy school clothes and school supplies for my 2 grandsons that live with me.


  164. oh my goodness the outfits you picked out for your little ones are adorable!

  165. I would buy clothing for my 4 kids.They have really cute clothes my teens would love to have.

  166. This would be so awesome to win and such a huge blessing for our family this year!!

  167. I would out it toward a swing set for my kids, I have twin 1 year old girls and a 5 and a 6 year old boy! They would be happy!

  168. I have 3 kids going back to school. I would buy jeans, uniform shirts & shorts, socks & underwear, and school supplies.

  169. I would buy some back to school items for myself and my beautiful Grand-daughter.

  170. I would buy myself a new tablet. I have the original iPad and I can’t update the OS anymore so I can’t access social media on it

  171. This would help in a huge way. I’m sure everyone could use this. Thanks.

  172. Winning $300 at Target would be amazing! I would finishing buying school supplies and then get my boys new shoes, shirts and pants!

  173. I would hit the sales racks..shirts,pants, socks undies the estentials of back to school shopping 🙂

  174. I’d buy some back-to-school clothes for my kids, back-to-work clothes for me, and save some for Christmas shopping.

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