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Truthful Thursday: Social Honesty Starts With You #truthfulthursday

Truthful Thursday


I feel like I am split into two different people at times. One half of me is the hardest working woman in show business. I know a lot of people say they are busy because they like to give off the illusion that they are – but I am literally losing my mind on a day-to-day basis. It’s because I need a staff at this point and I just don’t have one. I don’t know why I won’t bite the bullet and get a few part-timers. I guess it’s because I will actually have to give people ACCESS into my accounts and that scares the living daylights out of me.

But it has to happen.

I’m looking at my whiteboard right now and I can’t tell you how many things I have to do. How can I possibly handle all of that plus manage all my emails, AND try to sell things that need to be sold???


That’s the other half of me. The half that just wants to do nothing except hit the pool with my little ones and their friends. I really wish I could work it out so that every other day I could switch personalities. That would be super.

The weekends roll around and my family is READY TO ROCK! They all want to go out and do something!! But after the 60+ hour week I just put in… you know what I want to do? NOTHING! I literally just want to hang out at home which STINKS for everyone else. So, I suck it up and I get dragged around town and we take all sorts of great pictures and we make all sorts of fantastic memories. THEN I end up suffering from exhaustion at the end of the day.

I’m running out of steam. Like… almost at the end of my TANK.

I think today I’m calling it. It’s just before noon. That gives me 10 more hours of fun and rest. Everyone deserves that every now and then. That is, after I do one more post…

Vera Sweeney, mom, blogger, social media influencer and New York resident, is the founder of She is considered one of the top female digital influencers in today’s social media space. Her lifestyle and parenting brand helps busy women stay on top of the latest trends in fashion, food, family and travel.


  1. oh, Vera, I feel your pain! Hang in there…I’m sure you’ll find the best solution for you and your kids very soon. I know what you mean about getting scared about giving people access. It’s also that you’re giving over control (well, at least that’s what it is for me!)!! Take care!

  2. It is so refreshing to seen that someone I aspire to struggles like I do everyday. I struggle to keep on top of everything I have on and that doesn’t include jetting off for reviews, interviews etc. I think there comes a point where you need to decide what is the most important and start from there. Obviously you still need to do all the things you do for your sites, but may be an assistant would help.

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