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Daily Diary: Even The Worst Player On The Team Still Brings Something

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Guys – I have a game tonight and I know that I am going to STINK. I’ve given up on being nervous. Now, I just go out and have a great time. But I do feel sorry for my team. Every single ball that comes my way I MISS. Fact. Done. An Absolute.

Either I’m too ahead of it or it’s way over my head. Last week, I stopped a ball with my ankle because I knew I couldn’t get it with my glove. We lost 18-1.

As I was driving home, I thought about quitting for like a NANO-second for the sake of the team. They would be better off without me – TRULY. But then I realized that I do bring something to the field.


We all have to laugh, right? We all have to smile and have a great night out. I can’t catch a ball for the life. And when it’s my turn up at bat I always forget to LET IT GO WHEN I RUN TO FIRST BASE! I bring it along with me. YES – worst player ever. But my team has a good giggle. So – that’s all that counts! 🙂

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One of the best parts of my summer. Seeing these mugs once a week.

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