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Daily Diary: Home, Grounded And It Feels So Good (But Why So Much Laundry)

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Anyone want to guess how much laundry we did over the last two days? 10 loads would be playing it safe. My husband likes to wash everything whether or not it’s dirty just to be safe. He is cray-cray when it comes to germs.

Here’s an actual question.

Family of 5. 8 day cruise. How many bags of luggage would you pack? Please comment if you don’t mind. 

We brought 3 HUGE bags and about 6 carry ons and I think that we bring TOO MUCH. My husband wants my children to have two pairs of underwear a day and a new pajama for every night. I think that is INSANE!!!! I know traveling moms that only bring two pairs of pajamas per kid and then they wash the underwear in the sink mid-week.

What do you do? Because I know what we do is wrong. It is just wrong. We brought 24 pajamas with us. Isn’t that an entire suitcase on its own??????? He is NUTS!!

{Rant Over}

I also have sea legs or whatever the term is when the house looks like it is sideways even though I am sitting upright. I keep finding myself leaning to the left. HA! Pretty funny. I know it will end soon. I had no issues on the boat which was SO AMAZING. As a woman with vertigo and motion sickness, I was SHOCKED but it was true!! An entire 8 days without a hitch. So thankful.

Other than that, the children have been playing outside, catching fireflies, and working on their XBox scores. Back to life as we know it! I have so much to share from the trip – so stay tuned.

Today is Liam’s birthday party and then I have a softball game tonight. AHHHH – back on the field. My team is 0-4 right now but who is complaining??? It’s so much fun.

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  1. I have never been on a vacation where I couldn’t do laundry, so maybe my answer isn’t so helpful! Haha. But….with 6 kids I find less is always better! Undies and t shirts and socks get washed after one wear but pj, jeans, shorts are only ” supposed” to go in the wash when they are ” dirty”. Sometimes that might be after one wear, sometimes after 3. Even at that, I do 2 loads a day, every day!

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