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Daily Diary: Dreaming About Money Instead Of Sheep


We started to do summer workbooks because I am SO FEARFUL of the 4th grade! I am just terrified that we are going to really fall behind. I got my 2nd grader a few as well so he would have something to do while Natalie was working on her math. Well, today Liam said something that made me laugh out loud…

summer school workbook

While working on his fill in the blanks, he asked me a question about the following line item:
“If I can’t fall asleep, I count…. _______

This is how it went down:

Liam: MOM! They don’t have the right answer for me to choose.
(I look over and see sheep is an option.)
Me: Well, What answer would you like to pick?
Liam: Money. But I already used it.

I mean. I can’t….. These kids CRACK ME UP! I guess I never told the kids that they are supposed to count “sheep” when they can’t sleep. HA! I suppose counting coins would serve the same purpose. 🙂

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