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Daily Diary: That Time I Forgot About My Third Child

Forgot to pack for third child

Funny story…

Well – to us it is. I’m not so sure Caleb will find it amusing 20 years from now when he looks back at this shot.

Picture it. Hershey Park. 2014. The Sweeney family was in a mad dash to make it there before lunch on the first day and well… they might have forgotten to pack for their youngest child.


The next morning when it was time to go to breakfast, we had to dress Caleb is Liam’s clothes. It was HILARIOUS. He was NATURALLY swimming in it all. And what did Bill and I do? We filmed and photographed it until our batteries died. Luckily, there were outlets like 4 minutes from our hotel. So, we just ran to Carters and bought him a few cheap pieces to get through the trip after our chocolate chip pancakes. But oh my goodness. CRACKING UP!

Definitely a moment I will NOT forget from this trip.

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